I Registered for a HALF IRONMAN!!!

Yeah. I know. What am I thinking?
This is kind of how it played out: A little while back, after my second reeeaaallly long ride (68 miles!) with the Ironman Wisconsin Training clan, Phil said, “So Corey, when are you doing a ½ Ironman?” This planted the seed with the crew and they all began assuring me that with all of their training that I had been jumping in on since April, combined with my own training for Assault on Cherokee. I could complete the Augusta ½ Ironman on September 25th OF. THIS. YEAR. I have been saying since the beginning of tri season that I would consider a ½ Ironman NEXT YEAR. Afterall, I just completed my first triathlon last August and just got my first “real” bike this past January. But last week (pre-Cherokee) I borrowed a book of Ironman Training plans and started looking at them. (And I might have even put a very detailed schedule into a spreadsheet J) The level 3 – 4 plan calls for 9 workouts a week and when I looked back at my training log, I saw I had already been doing 6-8 workouts every week. And since my little group of tri friends tells me that I don’t need to do 3 swims a week, because of my strong swim background and because it is just plain unnecessary (they are even cutting their full Ironman training down to 2 swims/week), that means I only need 8 workouts a week! This put it in perspective a little and after running it by Brad and getting his support, I started seriously considering it. Translated: I was convinced and had a plan, but was too chicken to actually sign up. Well, today I. DID. IT. So now the $$ is spent and since I am too cheap to back out of something I paid for…it’s on!!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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