Lafayette, New Workout Clothes and Kennel Cough!

I am in Lafayette, IN for a work trip this week. Actually, right now I am back in Indy for an early flight tomorrow morning. I arrived in Lafayette yesterday afternoon in business clothes, fully prepared to head straight to the office for a 2:30 p.m. meeting. Then as I was driving into town, I received a cancellation notice on my calendar for the afternoon meeting. The dealer guys that were coming to town from Canada were delayed and we wouldn’t be meeting until 5:15, right before dinner. Hmm…what to do now?! That took me about .2 seconds to figure out!!
Stop #1 Target!

I bought the greatest running shorts from Target about a month ago (last time I was on a business trip…apparently that is the only chance I have to shop!) I actually saw a review of C9 by Champion here which is what prompted me to go check ‘em out. And I LOVE them. I bought the Duo Dry Ventilated Shorts and have had some really sweaty runs in them with absolutely no chaffing. The only problem – after I wear them once, I refuse to wear them again until they are washed. I do not do dirty! So I went to get another pair aaaannnd also ended up with a super cute workout tank, a new swimsuit and a couple of other standard tanks. Oh and some Swedish fish J

Stop #2 Pool!

 What?! An afternoon off with nothing to do? What else would I do, but squeeze in another workout?! Since I used to live in Lafayette (for 3 months, about 5 years ago), I knew that the International Sports Club, which happens to be 2 blocks from my hotel, has a lap pool. And since I never travel without my goggles, cap and suit, I was ready for a 2500-yard steady state swim!

What I didn’t remember was that the pool was pretty disgusting and only had 3 lanes. Oh well, it was empty and was only $10 to swim and I now can get away with only 1 workout on Saturday, instead of squeezing a double! Yay!

I got some work done in the afternoon before our meetings then we had a nice, quiet dinner at 9 Irish Brothers.

This morning I woke up to 65* temps for my a.m. run!! It was awesome to have a cool, humidity-free 50 min. run on pancake flat terrain! I think I was super speedy, and since my not-so-trusty Garmin decided to shut itself off then turn back on magically with 5 min. left, I will just tell myself I was!! Oh and I wore my new running digs!

Now my meetings are done and I will be on my way home to my sweet boys tomorrow, but I did get a concerning text from B this morning tell me that Walter has kennel cough. L There was a sign at Camp Bow Wow last week that said it was going around, but I didn’t notice him coughing at all until after he spent the weekend at PetSmart while I was relaxing and triathloning. The last few mornings before I left I noticed that right after he woke up he would cough a little, but I just figured his throat was dry from sleeping (afterall…that is how I feel when I wake up!). But B said it was horrible when he woke up this morning so he took him to the vet. He also has an ear infection! We are very, very good about putting drops in both of the boys’ ears after they swim in the lake, but Walter’s ears have always been super sensitive and he gets ear infections pretty regularly. Some antibiotics and drops and he will be fine, but I hate to hear that my babies are sick!
I can’t wait to get home so I can spend some time with them right here this weekend!! 

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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