The Perfect Toast

For the second week in a row, this post is being composed as I fly home from the lovely (in the summertime!) Midwest while seated in FIRST CLASS! Thank you Delta! I can get used to this.

The last day and half of my trip to Grand Rapids was relatively uneventful. I thoroughly enjoyed my day off from all things swim, bike, run yesterday and celebrated with an active recovery day of riding in the car for 8 hours. We drove from Grand Rapids, MI to Sandusky, OH to see a customer, talked for a bit, had lunch, then turned around and drove right back. Wow. Long day! But at least lunch was at Cleats, sitting outside on Lake Eerie!

The good news: with all of that free time in the car, I did a little research on Blogger vs. WordPress and getting my own domain name, etc. The posts from here and here were extremely helpful and last night I successfully transferred Schnoodles of Fun to WordPress and purchased the domain name (for super cheap!!). The few posts and pictures that I had on Blogger transferred quickly and easily, but my pages did not, so I spent my evening with a little Chile’s to-go and my computer recreating everything. I LOVE the new layout…clean and simple and didn’t mind transferring pages. Everything was already written, so it really was just a little cut and paste and picture uploading. I even stayed up (gasp!) until 12:30 on a weeknight getting it all done!

This morning I had an AWESOME 55 min run!!! I headed out from the hotel with no game plan, figuring it would be a boring out-and-back along a sidewalk on a busy road. But somehow, 10 minutes into the run, I ended up on an awesome trail that wound through neighborhoods and by a golf course. It was 65* (downright cold!!) and I felt great! Yesterday was the first day off I have had since before Assault on Cherokee and my legs definitely loved the rest.

Even with a braid, I end up with a rat’s nest in my hair! The picture doesn’t even do it justice. A ridiculous amount of conditioner is required.

Since I slept in (okay so I admit that’s why I stayed up so late…because I knew a wake-up in the 8’s was awaiting me!!) I had to grab breakfast from the hotel immediately after the run because they were just about to pack it up. Nothing sounded good so soon, so I grabbed a bagel and threw it in the toaster. Much to my surprise, I ended up with the PERFECT toast!! This excites me because I never, ever seem to be able to get it juuuuust right, and today, I did. 

Happy flying…gotta go eat some more free Twix!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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