Done and done!

6 Weeks to go! 

This is the first week that I have really started to feel tired. Especially during the long ride on Saturday and the run Sunday, my legs were dead. Good news is this tells me I am working hard!

Monday – 2800 m swim; 1:20:53 ride w/36 min tempo/23.4 miles/17.4 mph
Char and I went to Master’s Swim at the new YMCA at 5:30 a.m. Our friend Carolyn was teaching and she got us on the “list”. It was awesome! It has been so long since I swam in a team atmosphere like that. I definitely pushed myself much harder than I normally would and even did 4×25’s with no breaths! I haven’t even attempted that since high school! After work I rode over to the hospital and met up with Char for a tempo ride. We did a “flat” (for Greenville) course near work and pushed it pretty hard. Felt great!

My pile for Swim, Work, Bike on Monday

Tuesday – 1:51:37 ride/30 miles/16.0 mph
Met up with Char, Jesse, Jenny and Cheryl for a morning ride. It was fun to do a little group ride on a Tuesday morning! This was Cheryl’s last ride before she ships her bike off for Ironman Canada!

Wednesday – 40 min run w/20 min tempo/4.86 miles/8:15 overall pace   Despite going to bed before dark the night before, I was sleepy and sluggish to start. Surprisingly though, it wasn’t super hard to keep the tempo pace. The paces were 7:44, 7:38 and 7:33 (for the last 0.75).

Thursday – 1:54:37 run/12.42 miles/9:14 pace
4th workout with my dear friend Char this week! Love spending this mid-week time together after traveling the last two weeks. Her and Jesse ran 2:50 (18.5 miles), so hopefully I provided good company to break up the long run! Even though it was slow, after not doing a longer run last week because of the brick, it felt good to get out and get some miles in!

Friday – 2800 m steady state swim
Up and at ’em early again for a swim with Char. I was tired and didn’t want to get out of bed. I even contemplated hitting snooze and trying to do this at lunch, BUT I dragged my tired butt out of bed and ended up having a decent swim.

Saturday – 3:23:29 ride/56.3 miles/16.6 mph (3533ft. of climbing!)
This is the longest ride that I have EVER done alone. It was pretty and not as tough as I thought it would be, but I definitely prefer riding with friends! My legs were tired, but I was pleasantly surprised by the overall pace, especially with all the climbing! Another positive: the second half was much faster than the first!

Sunday – 58:18 run/6.24 miles/9:21 pace
The first 2.24 were with Walter with a slow warm-up then a nice solid 8:40 pace. After the first 20ish minutes, I went to meet Heather to help her through her longest run so far! She toughed out 4 miles on a pretty hilly route and didn’t complain once! She is rocking her training for Savannah!

  • Swim: 5600 m
  • Bike: 109.7 miles
  • Run: 23.52 miles
  • Total Time: 11 hrs, 50 min.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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