Bad Things Happen in 3’s…

I love my bike. It’s only 6 months old and as time has gone on, I keep getting it more “right” for me (i.e. new bento, aero bars, etc.).

But yesterday was a rough day for the bike. Three bad things happened to my lovely bike, progressively getting worse as the evening went on…

#1 I got to our meeting spot at Char’s work and got my bike down off of the rack on the car. Front flat tire. Okay – no biggie, we get the tire changed and since I have a tube and my pump with me, it’s fine. I am just happy the tire flats before the ride.

#2 We are 22 minutes into the ride on a busy road and I hear that fateful sound…ssssshhhhh. Flat back tire. Crap! I walked the bike about 50 yards up to a parking lot in the shade and we started to work on it. Since I already used my spare tube, Char gave me hers. Despite my slightly defunct, less than functional CO2 cartridge, Jesse (thank God for him!) was able to get the tire inflated. I was greasy and covered in black, but we were off and I was able to get my 1:15 ride in.

#3 Apparently I was in a hurry when we got back and didn’t get my straps secured on the bike rack. As I am entering the on-ramp of a I-385 at 55 mph, my bike goes FLYING OFF THE TOP OF THE CAR! Panic. Disbelief. I throw it in park on the shoulder and run up the on-ramp in SOCKS (stupid! didn’t put shoes back on after I took off my bike shoes) and pick up my poor baby bike. I am beyond lucky that no cars were behind me and that none came while I was running on the interstate barefoot. It would have been awful (and expensive!) if I damaged someone else’s car because of my carelessness.

I took some pictures of the obvious damage. The full damage is unknown as my awesomely supportive husband is taking the bike to the bike shop as I type right now. He made me feel so much better by reassuring me that it would be okay and just be thankful that I and no one else was injured.

Crack and huge chunk out of the aero bars

Possibly broken rear derailer?

So, hopefully I will know soon the extent of the actual damage…

Cross your fingers!!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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