Peak Week Already!?

4 Weeks to go! 

I can’t believe that this is the first of two “peak” training weeks! I am super excited and even after racing last week, definitely didn’t feel nearly as tired and sore this week as I did in the previous two weeks.

Monday – 2700 m swim; 1:07:20 ride w/2×14 min tempo/18.16 miles/16.2 mph
Char and I had a great early morning swim at Sportsclub, then we met after work for a short ride. Her and Jesse are tapering for Wisconsin so most of their training is short and easy so I took the tempo out of this ride and decided to do it as part of the longer mid-week ride.

Tuesday – 1:47:52 ride w/2×14 min tempo/29.56miles/16.4 mph
Met up with Char, Jesse and Jenny for a morning ride. We only rode with Char and Jesse for about a half hour and they headed back to finish up with a brick. Jenny and I rode together for another 45 minutes and she did the first tempo with me and I finished up on my own with the second tempo and a cool down.

Wednesday – 40 min run w/20 min tempo/4.90 miles/8:10 overall pace; 2800 m open water swim                                                                                                                         I dont know why it is so hard for me to get up when I sleep a little later and just have a short run before work. I snoozed a couple of times, but eventually got out the door at 6:30. My calves were still super tight from Saturday’s barefoot jaunt. They loosened up a little during the tempo, but felt super tight again when I was cooling down. The tempo paces were great, about where they would be during marathon training! 7:32, 7:27 and 7:27 (for the last 0.68). After work we headed to Lake Hartwell for an open water swim. We did one out-and-back (1600 m) and then Brad came with the doggies! They lost a toy in the lake so I swam about 400 m to get it then did another half-way out-and-back. We followed it all up with Mellow Mushroom! (I REALLLLLY need to remember to take pictures of these things!)

Thursday – 1:50 run REST DAY
After we got back from the lake and pizza, I laid in bed at 10 p.m. thinking it would be super easy to fall asleep watching a movie with Brad. For some reason I could not get to sleep and at 11:40 when I was still up, I reset the alarm to sleep in and put the run off until Friday. This probably isn’t a bad thing since now my tight calves get another day of rest…

Friday – 1:53:14 run/13.01 miles/8:42 overall pace
To say the least, I was not excited to do this run by myself. My calves were nice and loose and I have been looking forward to getting more miles in, but I really, really love company when I run. I guess I have gotten kind of spoiled! I left the house at 5:30 a.m. and the first 4ish miles draaaagggged by. Maybe it was because I did the first few miles on my normal “short run” loop or maybe its because I knew I still had a long morning ahead. Either way, the last half of the run really went by quick and I felt great. When I look at the splits, I see that the paces for the last half were definitely faster too. I am very happy with this as my longest run of the training. And also know that if I am hitting these paces for this distance now that the transition into marathon training will be no problem!

Saturday – 3:32:54 ride/56.3 miles/15.8 mph 
This was really the first time that I have ever just not wanted to ride when I woke up. Our weekend visitors didn’t arrive until after midnight and we stayed up waiting for them so the 6 a.m. alarm was very unwelcome. I rode down to the YMCA to meet up with Phil and Jenny to ride out and between the company, the scenic route toward the mountains and the nice morning, it actually ended up being a GREAT ride! It was a little slower than some of the past rides because there is always a lot of starting and stopping heading out through downtown Greenville, but I enjoyed the whole ride and actually didn’t want it to be over when we were headed back in! I felt great!

Jenny & Phil

Sunday – 62:57 run/7.1 miles/8:52 pace
I sent my beloved Garmin with the Ironman Wisconsin Crew so I borrowed the new Nike GPS watch from my neighbor. I am not a huge fan of the watch for several reasons, but during the run I could not figure out how to pause it without risking re-starting the run. I took Walter for the first half of the run and anytime he stopped to potty, my pace was affected, so I have no idea how fast I truly ran when I was actually running. But I definitely felt like I was pushing myself much harder than the pace reflected.

  • Swim: 5500 m
  • Bike: 104.5 miles
  • Run: 25.0 miles
  • Total Time: 12 hrs!!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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