Olive Oil Extravaganza!

On Tuesday night, Brad and I decided to take the boys for a walk and stop by Palmetto Olive Oil Co. It is a mere 2 blocks from our house and we have been saying we were going to go there forever. Since I ran out of my normal cooking olive oil Monday night making roasted asparagus, we figured this was a good time to check it out!

We walked over and they were super nice to let us bring the boys inside while we chowed lots of yummy bread soaked in olive oil tasted different flavors. They were closing soon, but they were beyond accommodating and kept bringing us more bread and suggesting more flavors/combinations for us to try.

When we went to Italy in March, we sampled A TON of different olive oils at restaurants and vineyards and I knew I liked a “peppery” flavor but was not a big fan of anything that tasted too much like actual olives. It sounds strange, but anyone who has sampled various strengths of olive oils, knows what I am talking about. Since my primary goals was to get a standard Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) for cooking, that was where I started. I sampled a couple of the milder ones that the lady suggested and decided on a 375 mL bottle of the Ultra Koroneiki EVOO.

Brad didn’t care about the traditional choice and was way more interested in trying the flavored oils. He immediately fell in love with the Chipotle EVOO, and when I tasted it I was sold too, so we bought a 200 mL bottle of that as well. We tasted a few others including Garlic EVOO, Basil EVOO, Avocado Oil, Lime EVOO and several others. We decided to get the Garlic even though we really like several of the others too.

Then we moved on to the Balsamic Vinegars. The CRAZIEST thing was that she brought us out each a small cup of vanilla ice cream and suggested that we put it on ice cream to try?! I never would have thought I would like it and probably would have just ate the yummy ice cream and left if she hadn’t put it on a spoonful of ice cream and insisted that I try it. The one she gave me was the Cranberry-Pear White Balsalmic Vinegar and I was absolutely shocked when I put the spoon in my mouth. It was the most unique and delicious flavor combination! Brad actually loved it too and we proceeded to try tons more on the ice cream. I debated between the Strawberry Balsalmic Vinegar Condimento which was dark and the Cranberry-Pear. We agreed that both could be carmelized on fruit for a dessert, but eventually ended up with the Cranberry-Pear.

There were so many others though including a cinnamon, blueberry, raspberry and on and on. We aren’t coffee lovers, but she swore that the espresso was amazing over ice cream.

We also decided to get a traditional balsalmic for cooking/dressings, etc. It was sweet and I think will taste amazing on bread and in a caprese salad too.

It was super fun and I am excited to make a pasta tomorrow night with the Chipotle. But for now, I am off to try the Cranberry-Pear over some ice cream that the kiddos left here last weekend!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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One Response to Olive Oil Extravaganza!

  1. oh my that sounds like a heavenly evening!! I love it when I find new things like that

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