More Peak Week Fun!

3 Weeks to go! 

Since the second week of peak training started with a holiday and was a 4 day work week, I was well rested and ready to go! The weather caused me to switch things around a bit, but overall it was a great week of training!

Monday – 2400 m swim
Labor Day = Sleep in. At least in my world. With my weekend of house guests wrapping up, I needed a little extra sleep, plus the gym wasn’t opening until 8 and it was supposed to rain all day. After everyone left and Brad went to golf, I finally dragged myself to the pool at about 2 pm for a swim. I had big dreams and stayed unshowered afterward with my eye on an afternoon run, but rain came and a nap came and it never happened.

Tuesday – 2 hour ride 42:00 run/4.93 miles/8:32 overall pace 
The original plan was to ride from Sportsclub at 6:45 a.m. and meet up with Jenny on the road, but I got a text from Jenny at 5:45 (that I didn’t get until I got up at 6:10) saying that the weather wasn’t looking so hot out that way. We texted back and forth a little and decided that even though it cleared up some, we weren’t willing to risk getting dumped on. So we postponed the longish ride until Thursday, and to avoid completely ruining this week’s schedule, I threw on running clothes and went out for my shorter run. I still don’t have the Garmin so it was kind of interesting to get back and calculate the pace based on what says the mileage was. I felt pretty good so I thought it would be a decent pace and I was happy to see it was! Without even really trying!

Wednesday – 42:00 min run w/22 min tempo/5.3 miles/7:55 overall pace; 1:20:30 ride w/28 min tempo/23.9 miles/17.9 mph + 18:04 run/2.4 miles/7:32 overall pace                                                                                                                              Finally some cooler temps!! This run felt amazing. The tempo miles were 7:07, 7;16 and 7:21 <—and those are what happen when you don’t have a Garmin to monitor your tempo pace! 7:07?! What?! I knew where the mile markers were but didn’t know the pace until I reached them. I tried to pull it back a bit after that first mile, but still ended up with some super fast splits! I typically try to tempo around 7:40 – 7:50 for this distance when I am not marathon training, and even only around 7:30 during marathon training. Maybe I am getting faster?! After work I rode out from my work parking lot for a tempo ride. I love to tempo from there because it is about as flat as you can find around here. My legs felt a little sluggish at first but eventually woke up and I had a pretty solid ride. It surprisingly went by pretty fast for a solo venture. I have recently been thinking that my training plan doesn’t seem like it has enough bricks in it. That, combined with how I have been feeling on the runs of the last few races I have done, makes me think I should squeeze in some more bricks when I can. So I added a quick run on to the end of the ride and once again, without a watch, shocked myself with my pace! 7:32!!

Thursday – 2:03:35 ride/33miles/16.0 mph
I started from Sports Club and met Jenny out on the road for a nice, cool morning ride. Jenny rode about another 1:10 with me after we met up, then I headed back to shower and head to work.

Friday – 2700 m Swim w/1.2 mile time trial
I slept in, but was able to get out of work early enough to get this done in the afternoon, which means no doubling up on Saturday! I forgot my watch which made the time trial a little difficult, but I tried to time it on the clock at the pool and think I was just under 30 minutes for the 2000 m swim. That is average of right about 1:29/100 m, which I am happy with! I felt like I was swimming fast and hard and efficient!

Saturday – 1:07:04 run/8 miles/8:23 overall pace
I switched the long brick with the run this week in favor of having a buddy to do the 2 hour ride with. I could have met up with one of the riding groups and done it but I sometimes feel like those rides take forever and are slow with all of the starting and stopping and waiting. It was nice and cool and of course I was loving being out running on a  Saturday morning.

Sunday – Brick: 2:40:22 ride/43.96 miles/16.4 mph + 50:00/5.95 miles/8:24 overall pace
Jenny and I met up around 8 at Char & Jesse’s house, where she is dog sitting Callie while they are off getting their Ironman on! After playing with the dogs and getting ready, we finally headed out a little after 8:30 on an awesome route that Jenny planned. It was a beautiful morning and we had a good ride, even though we ended up going a little further than we intended because we missed a turn somewhere. When we got back, I changed quickly and headed out to finish off the brick. It was pretty hot, but there was a decent breeze and I felt really good. I took the hillier of the route options, hoping for more shade, and just kept telling myself that the hills would make me even stronger for my nice, flat 13.1 at Augusta. I wished I had brought water, but even though I was thirsty, I didn’t feel like I bonked like I have on other runs where I got dehydrated. I finished strong and was excited to go check Ironman Live for updates!


  • Swim: 5300 m
  • Bike: 101 miles
  • Run: 26.58 miles
  • Total Time: 11 hrs, 30 min.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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