Tough Stuff…

So I have to admit, it’s been a bit of a tough week. It started out great, with Brad and Walter coming back from the lake and getting to spend a couple of nice relaxing nights together before I left for my work trip on Wednesday.

Then on my way to the airport in Charlotte to fly to Providence, I got a call from Brad saying that his Aunt GiGi passed away the night before. She had a heart attack and was able to call 911, but her husband was on the other side of the house and did not hear her and she passed before they were able to get to her. Aunt GiGi was Brad’s Great Aunt (his Grandma’s sister, on his mom’s side) and Brad’s mom was very close to her, even though she lived in Jacksonville, FL. She was 74 years old, which I don’t think is very old at all and it is very sad for Brad’s family. We are still waiting to hear about the plans for the services.

The next time Brad calls me on my way to the airport, he tells me that he is at the vet with Ernie. We noticed that Ernie wasn’t feeling well that morning and we knew he had thrown up the night before, but Ernie eats alot of crap in the back yard (grass, sticks, etc.) so sometimes that happens and he is usually better in less than a day. But when I told Brad that I noticed some blood on his rear and that he may have blood in his stool, he went to the backyard to check and found Ernie by the fence shivering. He took him to the vet and they told us his blood work showed that he was severely dehydrated and he definitely had blood in his stool. They were pretty concerned so they kept him to hook him to an IV of fluids and run more tests. Luckily the subsequent tests came back okay and he was feeling a little better after staying the whole day with an IV feeding him fluids. Our vet said that he most likely just ate something he couldn’t pass and it made him sick and he probably threw up alot more times than we knew about. Brad was able to pick him up last night and he was pretty sluggish, but the reports today are that he chowed some chicken and rice and was a little more perky. I know he will enjoy his “bland” diet of chicken and rice for the next few days!!

We are looking forward to seeing that happy, crazy face back on the little guy soon!

Finally, and I almost hate to talk/complain about this in the same post where I discuss the loss of life, because it is definitely not on the same scale as that, but I started having some serious doubts about my race this morning. I am in Newport, RI, one of my favorite places to run in the whold world. So I was super excited to have a 1 hour 20 min run on the plan this morning and I even kind of “saved” this run this week so I could do it here. I mapped it out for 9.5 miles and planned on holding a comfortable 8:30 pace. For the first 7.5 miles, I have to admit, despite the beautiful scenery and feeling pretty good, I was a little bored. I was wishing I had someone to talk to and to enjoy the run with me. Then around 8 miles, I started to feel tired. Not, bonk, crappy, can’t-keep-the-pace tired, but this-shouldn’t-be-hard, and I have to put-alot-of-effort-out-to-maintain-the-pace tired. And that scares me. It scares me that in 11 days, I have to do those 9.5 miles + almost 4 more at (hopefully) a similar pace AFTER I swim over a mile and ride for 56 miles. Am I being ambitious with my goal times? Am I going to BONK on the run? Yikes! I guess this run was a good wake-up call for me telling me to respect the distance. On all of my bricks I have felt so good, but they have been limited to 5 to 6 mile runs after the long ride. And we all know ALOT can happen in the final 6 miles of a half marathon. Hopefully this is a good reality check for me to be conservative in the first half of the run in the race and I also hope that a true taper over the next 10 days or so will help in the my-legs-are-dead situation. But in the meantime, I will be here freaking out that I am going to walk/shuffle my way to the fnish in the race and be super disappointed.

This is how I want to feel at the finish at Augusta!

I hope this all isn’t too depressing, but I had to get some thoughts about these things out there…

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I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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