Tiger Time! Clemson vs. Auburn

What a fun weekend!!! Our neighbors (and two of our favorite people), Jason and Alicia, are both Clemson Grads and very big Tiger fans. They tailgate at every home game and have an awesome tailgating set-up (think TVs/satellites, great food, tents, tables, etc.). They invited us down to spend the weekend at rented lake houses that are very close to campus and to par-tay it up at the Clemson game. There were two houses and about 15 people and IT. WAS. AWESOME!

The fun started on Friday afternoon when everyone headed down to the lake houses. Unfortunately my flight didn’t get in until 9:30 on Friday night and by the time I made the drive from Charlotte Airport to Clemson, it was nearly midnight. I was exhausted and almost stopped in Greenville to spend the night, but they talked me into making the drive down that night because the traffic would prevent me from making it in time to ride with them to the game the next morning.

We got up early Saturday morning and I squeezed in a quick 7 miles before we headed over to the game around 8 a.m. As soon as we arrived and got set-up, Mimosas and Bloody Marys were flowing and we were ready for a fun day! It was a little chilly in the morning, but as the day went on it warmed up and it ended up being a perfect fall football day!

The whole crew:

Our awesome hosts:

Brad and I:


Since neither Brad nor I went to a big “football school”, we don’t really have our own college teams to support for big games, so it was fun to adopt Clemson and cheer for them! We even sported the orange and purple 🙂

Of course, no one who knows him would be surprised that Brad made friends with our tailgate neighbors at the game. There are 4 older gentlemen who have the same parking spot every year next to Jason and Alicia’s spot. They were really nice and put up with our crazy group. They drank fully decked out bloody marys all morning and ate REALLY well. We couldn’t get them to admit to us if their wives prepared the food for them or not though 😉

Alicia was sweet enough to give Brad her ticket to get into the game and we stayed outside and got food ready and watched it on TV. I didn’t mind not going to the game at all. It was fun to sit around and people watch and chat with Alicia while we watched with the best view 🙂 Brad LOVED being in the game though. He said the atmosphere was crazy and super high energy, especially since Clemson was down by 14 and came back to tie it up 21-21 at half time.

This is the awesome shot Brad got with the panoramic view on the camera at the game:

Everyone left the game at halftime to come refill drinks and grab snacks. They ended up staying out with us and we watched the rest of the game on TV. We attracted quite the crowd since we had a TV at the tailgate and everyone was super excited as the Tigers beat Auburn 35-24! Auburn was ranked and it was an unexpected upset.

We continued hanging out, drinking, eating, talking and having a great time until well into the evening. We finally headed back to the lake houses at about 7:30 or so and watched some more football games at home before heading to bed. We were absolutely beat after a long day!! It was so much fun though and we look forward to more tailgating at home games this year!!

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I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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