Taper? What Taper?

2 Weeks to go! 

Because of my experience with marathon training, I am accustomed to a pretty dramatic taper starting 2 weeks out from the race. But I suppose because there are 3 sports to balance and because swimming and biking aren’t as hard on your body as running, the half ironman taper at 2 weeks out is not really much of a taper at all. Combine that with trying to front load the swimming and biking prior to work trip Wednesday – Friday and some fun planned for the weekend, my legs felt as dead during the first half of this week as they did during peak week! But by the end of the week, I felt a little better and a day off on Friday helped that tremendously!

Monday – 2200 m swim; 1:21:48 ride w/30 min tempo/24.1 miles/17.7 mph
I definitely DID NOT want to get out of bed and go swim on Monday morning. Between staying up late to watch my Ironman Wisconsin friends finish on live stream and finishing my tough brick on Sunday, I was exhausted. But since I had to travel Wednesday through Friday for work and we are going to be gone most of the weekend, I had no choice but to get up and get it done. And I was very glad once I did. I rode out from work at the end of the day and my legs felt super dead, but I took advantage of a “flat” route and pushed through the tempo for a solid pace overall. I did cut the ride a few minutes short of the plan, which I am not too concerned about this late in the training.

Tuesday – ~1:25 ride/~22.3 miles/15.7 mph 
I rode out from Sportsclub and met up with Jenny on the road. My Garmin was acting kind of funny and for some reason kept going to a “automatic pause” and not registering that I was riding, so I don’t know what the exact time and distance were. Should I take that as a sign that I was riding too slow? 🙂 Again, this morning, I cut the ride about 5 minutes shorter than what my plan called for, but for the sake of getting to work at a reasonable time now that my boss in back in town and giving the legs a little more of a break, I figure it isn’t too big of a deal.

Wednesday – 44:00 min run w/24 min tempo/5.5 miles/8:02 overall pace; 2000 m swim: Since my flight left out of Charlotte at 12:30 and I knew I wouldn’t have to leave until about 10 a.m. I debated what the most efficient use of this long morning would be. I finally decided on a run and swim vs. my long ride. I would rather have gotten this run in earlier in the week to avoid multiple running days in a row, but with dead legs, I decided to put it off on Monday and Tuesday. My legs were still a little slow getting loosened up, but it wasn’t too bad once I got going. It was a little more effort to maintain the tempo paces that I wanted though, so I am definitely looking forward to a real taper next week! I had to really, really force myself to get to the pool after the run. I just didn’t want to go. And even on the way there, I kept thinking of excuses to turn the car around and go home to cuddle the hubby and puppies before leaving. I finally convinced myself that I am almost there and I needed to just get it done, or risk skipping it. I haven’t skipped one workout since I signed up for the race and I wasn’t going to start now! Once I got there, the swim actually felt good and I was a little disappointed I had to cut out the drills and kicking so would have enough time to shower and pack before I left.

Thursday – ~1:15:20 run/8.87 miles/8:30 overall pace
I talked a little about this run here. I will also add that my watch decided to die (with no prior “low battery” warning) at about 8 miles. This just made that last near mile seem even longer! I had to estimate the time based on the pace for the first 8 miles and what mapmyrun.com said the distance was.

Friday – OFF!!!
Since I was at a boat show and they don’t start until 10 a.m. I decided to take advantage of the late morning start and get some much needed sleep! I slept until 9 a.m. and it felt awesome!

Saturday – 1:00:50 run/7.0 miles/8:41 overall pace
Despite not having arrived at my home for the night until almost midnight, I had to get up at 6 a.m. to squeeze this run in prior to the fun that was planned for the day. It was dark and I was very tired, but the cool morning felt great. The lake house where we were staying wasn’t in a great place to run, so I kind of ended up doing a couple of out and backs with some detours on to multiple dead end roads. The first 35 minutes seemed to take forever but once the sun came up it wasn’t too bad. As usual, I definitely felt 10x better after the run than I did before I left.

Sunday – 1:21 ride 
Because my legs had been so tired earlier in the week, I decided to really cut this ride short. The training schedule called for 2:45 and I planned to do 2 hours, but once I met up with Phil and Char to ride, I decided that whatever time we ended up with was fine and I wasn’t going to stretch it further. It was Phil and Char’s first post-Ironman ride so we spun it easy and enjoyed each other’s company. I didn’t even have my Garmin so I don’t know how fast or how far we rode.


  • Swim: 4200 m
  • Bike: 67.4 miles
  • Run: 21.37 miles
  • Total Time: 8 hrs, 45 min.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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