Race Week!!

The Big Week! 

Last week was a full on taper! Race report to come, but I thought I would get this out first!

Monday – ~38 min w/16 min tempo/4.2 miles/8:57 overall pace
This was just like the old days of marathon training! Char and I met up at Sports club at 5:30 and did a pretty easy 4ish mile run. This was her first time running since the Ironman and her legs are still a little sluggish and I am heading into full-on taper mode. I skipped the tempo in favor of having the freshest legs possible for Sunday! It was nice to chat and discuss the possibily of future marathon plans (i.e. another Boston attempt?!).

Tuesday – 1850 swim 
I got up early and went to Sportsclub to get this swim in. I initially planned to take my wetsuit and practice in it, but I was pressed for time to get to my 8 a.m. meeting and drop the dogs off at day care, since the hubs is gone and they are spending LONG days alone. I felt good and fast and any shoulder soreness that I had the last couple of weeks is gone. I am ready to swim down river in that race!!! I would loved to have gotten a ride in before or after work, but the early starting/all day meeting + work dinner prevented that from happening.

Wednesday – 1:10 bike w/26 min tempo                                                                          My day started with a 7 a.m. meeting at work, followed by another all day meeting. I was optimistic and brought my bike with me thinking if we were done in time I could squeeze it in and still get the dogs from day care before 6:45 and make it to my work dinner by 7:30.

Thursday – 1:02:06 bike/18.1 miles/17.4 mph
I finally got on the bike! And boy am I glad I did. My legs felt pretty lethargic for the first 30 minutes. I guess this is just from all the rest. This felt like a good shake-out ride and I am ready to go! 

Friday – 1200 m swim
The plan was to take this pretty easy and test out the wetsuit. As usual it took me solid 400 m to warm-up, which was a good reminder to myself not to panic if my arms don’t loosen up in the water until after that on Sunday. I am VERY glad I tested out the wetsuit though, considering it felt like it was choking me at first and I had to get used to that! I also realized that the extra buoyancy really gave me the opportunity to increase my turnover and gain some pretty good speed.

Saturday – 20 min shake-out ride 
Day before the race!!!! Before we left to go to Augusta, I had planed to hop on the bike for a quick little ride, but eventually just decided to pack up the bike and head out!!

Sunday – Augusta 70.3 – 5:47:30! (race report in the works!)


About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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