Augusta 70.3 in Pictures

My Augusta 70.3 race report has some great pictures that Brad took before and during the race, but nothing beats the professional shots taken out on the course. While I normally NEVER buy race photos, because this was the biggest challenge I have conquered in my racing career, I am currently debating if and which of the professional pictures that I would like to purchase. In the meantime, I would like to give credit to FinisherPix and share the photos that they captured on race day! 

Swim finish! I clearly hadn’t looked at my watch yet, or else there would be a HUGE smile on my face!

Why did I spend so much time in T1 trying to get my helmet set, if it was just going to end up this crooked?!

This is at the very beginning of the bike, still riding along the river.

I TOTALLY remember this picture! I remember it was the first time I actually saw a photographer so I smiled big and gave thumbs up. Right at that time, this girl comes up behind me and I remember thinking they probably didn’t even get me in the picture 🙂 I won’t show the series, but he basically got three shots that show her passing me.

Love, love, love this shot! I was having SOOOO much fun out there!

Again, having fun (despite the crooked helmet). Can you tell I loved it?!

This is the only professional run picture that was out there. I grabbed it out of Lost & Found! This was right after the run start. What is up with my foot turning out like that??? And why is my visor crooked too? Or is that just my head? 🙂 I am starting to wonder….

Yay! I finished! P.S. I started 1:21 after the first wave, so that’s why the clock says 7:08!

Sooooo happy!

That’s my hands-full-thumbs-up pic! Why wasn’t I wearing the medal???

And a couple more (not professional) pictures. It took me a solid 2 hours before I could even think about eating after I finished. And since I couldn’t stomach ANY more sugar after eating nothing but sweet Gu’s and Gatorade/Ironman Perform all day, this is what I was craving after the race….first in the car on the way home:

Then later that night after I showered and unpacked:

That is all. 🙂

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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2 Responses to Augusta 70.3 in Pictures

  1. Marlene says:

    Hi Corey! Congrats on your 70.3! Incredible!!! You got some great photos along the way.

    I’ve been using salt pills for about 18 months now and that is all I use for electrolytes – drinking plain water.

    I use SaltStick –

    They contain 215 mg sodium, 63 mg potassium, 22 mg calcium, 11 mg magnesium, 100 IU Vitamin D – all the good stuff!!! They say to take one every 30-60 minutes. One per 90-mins or so is more than enough for me – maybe more on a really hot & sweaty day.

    You’d want to experiment to make sure they don’t upset your stomach, but they do the trick for me and I know many people who have finally found relief from calf cramps thanks to the salt.

    Good luck!!

    • Corey says:

      Thanks Marlene! I have actually now heard good things about the Salt Sticks tabs from multiple people. I ordered some to test out and see how they work!

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