What Now? It’s Running Season!

So I won’t lie and pretend like I didn’t have post-race blues for the first couple of days after I completed 70.3 at Augusta. I just kept re-living the flat tire and every detail of the race and although I have no regrets about my performance, on Monday and Tuesday I just kept thinking “if this happened…” and “what if I did that…”.

But along with the soreness, my sadness about the race being over disappeared pretty quickly. One thing that really helped was writing the race report. It was extremely therapeutic to put it all down on paper on the internet and relive the parts that I was proud of and to digest the things that I know I can learn from.

The other thing that helps is thinking about the next race! Or races, to be more specific. I knew all along in my training that having the Savannah 1/2 Marathon and the Houston Marathon to look forward to would help me get over my typical post-race blues on September 26th. I even wrote a post about looking forward to focusing on running again a few weeks before the race.

And now, the time has come! I will still get out the bike and swim gear for a little cross-training over the next 4 months, but for now, tri season is over and running season has begun!

I will be using the Runner’s World Run Less, Run Faster program which was actually developed by professors from Furman University, which happens to be in Greenville, SC (where I live). Obviously, this program is very popular with runners in the area and I have used it for my first two marathons. For my first marathon, I used the novice FIRST Marathon Training Program. But for my 2nd marathon (Kiawah, SC) and for Houston, I will be using the Advanced Program, with a few modifications to make it work for me.

I won’t bore you with the whole plan (but I am happy to share it if anyone wants to see it), but the basic modifications I will make are around the 20-milers. The plan calls for 5 20’s. It builds up to them quickly and has 3 of them separated only by one week of reduced mileage (and increased speed) at the end. While I think I am in the best endurance shape I have ever been in, I still think that is pretty hard on the body. My plan is to build up a little slower on the front end and instead of doing the first 20 at week 4, to skip it (and do 17-18 miles instead) and do the first 20 at week 6.  Then I will do the same thing for the 20 in the middle of the ever-other-week 20’s at the end for a total of 3 20-milers. I am also contemplating replacing some of the speedwork with Yasso 800’s and giving myself the test that Bart Yasso swears by!

For now, I am still recovering a bit, with a slow 5-miler on tap for after work today and an undetermined long run (10-14) scheduled for Saturday. Then next week, I will be jumping into the plan (in week 3) and hitting the speedwork and tempo’s hard! I am still waiting for a verdict from my bestest training buddy, Char, on whether or not she is jumping into running season with me. She unfortunately didn’t get into Boston with her BQ from last December, so she is contemplating a January marathon to try again! My fingers are crossed!

I am also thinking about the cross-training and weight-lifting goals that I will have for this marathon training cycle and will definitely be back soon with a post on that!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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3 Responses to What Now? It’s Running Season!

  1. ohh does this mean we can meet up in Houston?! 🙂

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