Marathon Training in Full Swing

Countdown: 14 Weeks to Houston, 5 weeks to Savannah  

After recovering from Augusta 70.3, this is the first full week of true marathon training. This means I completed all three focus workouts (tempo, speed and long run) along with some cross training. My mileage wasn’t high because I am still building to get caught up the actual long runs in the plan. But I’m getting there!

Monday – Body Pump!
One of my goals during this cycle of marathon training is to incorporate some strength training. I am aiming to complete one strength workout per week. While I despise weight lifting, I know it is important for many reasons, including preventing injuries. As I haven’t done any type of strength training since June, I didn’t want to push too hard, so I went to Body Pump after work, used very light weights and as usual, enjoyed myself way more than I anticipated.

Tuesday – 7 miles w/ 5 mile tempo at 8:05 min/mile 
I got up early before work to get this done and I as I hoped, the soreness that I knew was imminent from Monday’s strength workout had not set in yet. Thank goodness! I was nervous about a longer tempo run as everything I did during half Ironman training was short (less than 3 miles). It actually went very well! I didn’t really have any problem hitting the tempo paces and it didn’t really even get tough until an uphill stretch during the last tempo mile. My five tempo miles were 8:04, 8:02, 8:02, 8:02, and 8:03.

Wednesday – 18 mile bike                                                                                                       The soreness was definitely in full force starting Tuesday afternoon and continuing through Wednesday! I met Char, Jesse and Jenny after work for an easy ride. My bike was still at the shop getting a new derailer (its always something!) so I rode Char’s road bike. I didn’t have my Garmin and it was nice to just enjoy the company and the awesome weather with no goal time, pace or distance. The ride really helped loosen up the sore legs too!

Thursday – 4.57 miles; Speed work: 1200 m, 1000 m, 800 m, 600 m, 400 m w/ 200 m rest between each.
This is the first speed workout I have done in months. Aaaaand it was pretty brutal. Thank goodness Char offered to do it with me because it was nice to have some company for the misery. The first 1200, we had a hard time getting our legs moving. I just felt like I couldn’t get the turnover fast enough to meet the pace. It doesn’t help that we were on a slight incline. After the first rep it definitely got easier and I found that we were hitting the goal times with much less effort than that first 1200 m. We walked all of the 200 m recovery intervals, but I would like to make those slow jogs in upcoming speed workouts. Our splits were 5:13 (3 seconds slower than goal), 4:14 (2 seconds fast), 3:18 (5 seconds fast), 2:29 (2 seconds fast) and 1:41 (2 seconds slow, but distance was a little long). Overall I am pretty happy with the workout, considering it was the first speed session in a while.

Friday – OFF
I planned to get an easy swim in before work, but stayed up late the night before. My parents flew in for a weekend visit around 12:30 so I knew I wouldn’t be able to get the swim in after work. So when I didn’t get up, I knew this would be an unplanned rest day.

Saturday – 14.52 miles; 8:59 min/mile
I am super excited that I got this distance in!! After doing 11 miles last week, I planned to do no less than 13, but hoped for 14 miles. The plan was to run 7, then meet Char and Jesse at Fleet feet for 6-7 more. I was a few minutes late for our 7:45 meet up time, but they ended up being 15 minutes late too, so I did laps in front of the store and got some extra distance in. I was already up to 7.65 by the time they arrived. I went ahead and took the route that I had planned, knowing it was close to another 7 miles. When we got to 12.5 I was feeling okay, but I knew I still had the huge climb out of the park. At that point I thanked my running buddies for being there, knowing I had a tough 2 miles ahead of me. Even though they were pushing through the hills too, they chatted my ear off for those 2 miles of climbing and despite a side cramp that set in around 14, I finished strong! The goal pace was M.P. + 45 seconds (9:08) and once again, I was under that by almost 10 seconds.

Sunday – OFF                                                                                                                               We did a ton of walking through the park and downtown with the dogs and parents which helped loosen up my tight legs.

Total Miles: 26.22

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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