16 miles and 16 things

Guten Morgen!

I had a (mostly) AWESOME 16 mile run this morning in Hamburg! I ran on a running path along the Elb River that actually goes right in front of the place I used to live in 2008. I had to go very early to get the miles in before my ride was leaving to go to the office, but it was worth the dark-and-early wake-up call to get it done today instead of waiting for tomorrow. Because tonight, I will be thoroughly enjoying dinner (and drinks) with friends/co-workers at Mama’s, an Italian Restaurant that is known not only for their amazing food, but their fabulous Italian wines! In honor of the 16 miles, I decided to share 16 things from this morning’s run:

16 – This one is obvious…Number of miles that I ran today!

15 – Approximate number of times I was blinded by bright, fluorescent bike lights from bike commuters trying to see their way in the dark on the running path.

14 – Roughly the number of times I thought that despite how good I felt running, that my lower legs and knees felt stiff.

13 x 3 = 39, which is the number of songs that played on my iPhone while I was running today. This is the first time I have listened to music while running in maybe 2 years? Since I was running alone, in the dark, and on a trail with no car traffic, I decided that it was safe to run with music and that I would probably need the boost! I was right – it was a great help!

12 – Approximate number of miles I ran before it was light enough outside to see the pace on my watch. In true Garmin 405 style, my backlight no longer works. Luckily there was a beautiful full moon that at least lit the path in places where there were no lights so I could see.

11:22 p.m. – Time that my Garmin said it was at home when I started my run this morning. (It was 5:22 a.m. in Germany)

10 – Number of fingers that were freezing the entire run since I didn’t bring gloves and it was in the mid to upper 30’s.

9 – Estimated number of glasses of wine I will be able to drink tonight as a result of knocking out 16 miles this morning.

8:27 – Pace of my last mile. Super close to Marathon Pace! Overall pace was 8:55. I am still aiming for all of my long runs to be 9:08 (Marathon Pace + 45 seconds) but since I couldn’t see my pace for the first 12 miles, I was running by feel for the most part and just went with it! I picked it up by 10 seconds/mile the last 3 miles because I felt good enough to do it and I was running short on time (no pun intended).

7 – Number of Germans I was crammed in the elevator with on my way back to my room after the run. I am sure they were completely disgusted by the sweaty American that was stinking up the elevator.

6 – Number of Stingers I consumed while running.

5 – Number of times I cussed out loud because I dropped something (a water bottle, money, Gu) and had to stop and pick it up.

4 – Times that I had to run on cobblestone for about a 100 m stretch. There are 2 spots with old-school, bumpy, crappy cobblestone (hit twice since it was an out-and-back run). The first is where a sidewalk ends by the Fischmarkt and I had to run on the cobblestone road until the nice, new brick sidewalk starts and the other is between some buildings and the river where the concrete slab of a loading dock ends and the concrete that is on either side of an old rail track (for loading from ships back in the day, I assume) hasn’t started yet.

3 – The amount of times that I stopped to go to the bathroom on the run today. (Once was to pee.) I took one Salt Tab before the run today to begin experimenting with them. I am not sure if that upset my stomach or it was the Paprika Crackers I ate before the run. (Gross. I know. But that was the only thing I had to eat in my room!) Or the Chinese food we ate for dinner last night?

3 is also the number of activities I was multi-tasking in the shower while I was getting ready in a hurry this morning after the run: shaving, stretching and rinsing the shampoo out of my hair were all completed simultaneously. Impressed?

2 – Number of GU’s that I sucked down during the run. The first was at mile 5 and the second at mile 10.

1 – Minutes that it took for the chaffing to stop hurting in the shower. Forgot my damn Body Glide.

0.5 – For the very last ½ mile where I discovered that having Fergie run me into the finish of a long run is brilliant!

0 – Number of times that I wished I was still in bed instead of out there running. It was an awesome run and once again reminded me why I love running so much. I mean, seriously, can you beat seeing this on about mile 13 of your run?

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I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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  1. GM says:

    That view is spectacular !!!

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