Weekly Recap: Off Days Galore

Countdown: 12 Weeks to Houston, 3 weeks to Savannah  

There are definitely some things I am proud of from this week (18 solo miles!) and some things that I am definitely NOT proud of (3 off days and crappy speed work). There is no real reason that I was so inconsistent with cross training this week, other than that I was too lazy to get out of bed before work and things came up in the afternoon preventing me from getting a workout in at the end of the day. It happens though, I guess, and I will definitely be more diligent about my cross training in upcoming weeks.

Monday – OFF
Despite a long bike ride on Sunday, I had full intentions of going to Body Pump after work but things have been super busy at work and I wasn’t able to get out of work in time to make it to the 4:45 class. At the time I figured it wasn’t a big deal to take a day off and rest before some tough running workouts.

Tuesday – 6 miles; 3 mile tempo at 7:35 min/mile 
Char is a trooper and agreed to do this workout with me super early, even though she already had a morning bike ride planned. We did a 2 mile warm-up then started into the tempo. The first tempo mile was tough, but the next two weren’t too bad and we finished them in 7:35, 7:29 and 7:28 then finished with an easy mile cool down.

Wednesday – OFF                                                                                                                           I meant to get up swim or go to spin before work. After I chose sleeping over working out, I took clothes with me with good intentions to hit the gym to lift or spin after work. By the time the day was over, I was tired, hungry and just wanted to hang out with Brad. So I scrapped the workout and took another day off. Oops!

Thursday – 7.30 miles; 3×1600 m w/1 min 3 min rest intervals
This was the failed speed workout from hell.

Friday – 2000 m swim
Despite not wanting to get up early, after two off days earlier in the week, I had to get up and get some cross training in. I hit the pool for a really good 2000 m swim workout. It felt great and reminded me how much I love swimming!

Saturday – 18 miles; 8:53 min/mile
After a lot of texting back and forth with Char on Friday night, trying to get a bike and long run scheduled for the weekend, I ended up deciding it was best to get put my focus on marathon training and get the long run done alone on Saturday. The 18 miles actually went by pretty quickly and I felt really good. I dropped the pace on the last 3 miles, with the last 2 at marathon pace. My legs were definitely feeling it on those last 2 miles, but I finished really strong!

Sunday – OFF                                                                                                                            Unlike the other two rest days this week, this was an intentional day off to recover from the 18 miles. I contemplated Body Flow in the afternoon, but I was pretty sore, so I foam rolled, cleaned house, did laundry, took the dogs to the park and went shopping. I stayed active and my legs definitely loosened up after moving around on them all day. I feel really good about the decision to take a day to recover from Saturday’s long run instead of pushing my sore muscles.

Total Miles: 31.3 miles

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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