Savannah Goals!!

I have completed 6 half marathons to date. My current PR is 1:48:XX (Nashville 2010), but I have always wondered how much faster I can go in this distance. I have run a few, but haven’t trained for a 1/2 marathon since 2009, when I ran broke 2 hours for the first time. And for the longest time I have said, I want to run a flat, fast 1/2 when I am in “marathon training shape”. Well, this is it. No more “I didn’t train” or “It was a ridiculously hard course” excuses for a not-so-fast (for me) PR in this distance!

When I signed up for Savannah last spring, I knew that I would be coming off a summer of 1/2 Ironman Training and in the midst of training for the Houston Marathon so I was super excited to put myself to the test and go after a new PR. Then, I convinced two of my good girlfriends to sign up for Savannah as their FIRST 1/2 marathons. So I knew this was set-up to be an awesome weekend!! And now it is here!

Since last spring, a few things have changed, but one of them is not my desire to run a sub-1:46 half marathon. What has changed: my dear friend Alicia, who just started her running journey and was poised to run Savannah on Saturday, broke her wrist during 1/2 marathon training. This de-railed her training and now work commitments have come up for both her and her fiance, Jason (who was also running), and neither of them are coming to Savanna now 😦 .

The good news is that Heather is still running and she has trained hard and is READY. I am super proud of her commitment and very, very excited to have been an instigator to her running journey. I am confident she will be addicted and as much as she has improved already, I think I will even have a new perfect-pace running buddy soon!

Here is Heather and  I after her very first 4 mile run:

What else has changed? I am not making excuses, but I definitely don’t feel as fast and strong as I thought I would at this point in marathon training. This summer I felt like I was getting faster with speed work and all the cross-training, but after my 1/2 Ironman, I took a few weeks off of speedwork to recover and now have only had about 4 solid weeks of speedwork. As a result, I am feeling a little slow.

Finally, I ran 20 miles on Sunday. And it seems to have hit me harder than I anticipated.

Okay, now that I have laid all of my whiny-baby, I-can’t-do-it excuses out there. I will get back down to business.

My goal is to run a 1:45:XX 1/2 marathon (or faster).

Yes, I want to have fun. And yes, I want to enjoy the experience. But what I really want is to run fast for 13.1 miles. And I want to finish the race with 7:xx miles for the final 5k. And I want a big, fat PR.

There. That is it. No further explanation needed. I am packed and ready to go and we are heading to Savannah after work today. We will enjoy a leisurely day of sleeping in then browsing the expo tomorrow. Tomorrow night we will make a nice little pasta dinner at our VRBO house and go to bed early. And Saturday we will run fast.

Then…we will drink and enjoy Savannah since none of us have ever been!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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