Speed Work & A Birthday

Speed Work: Warm-up  + 6×800’s @ 3:23 w/1:30 Rest Interval + Cool Down

I had a tough time getting up yesterday morning. I heard on the news the day before that there was a cold front coming in so I expected it to be a really cold run. And since my bed was so warm and Ernie was cuddled up on my arm, I resisted getting up…

I laid out warm clothes Wednesday night before going to bed and after a snooze (or two) I finally got up and got dressed. After getting ready and remembering to program the workout into my Garmin (for the first time!), I opened the front door to head out. What I was greeted with was NOT cold, but RAIN! Boo! I grabbed a hat (#1 rule of running in the rain is to wear a hat or visor to keep the rain off your face) and set out. I knew I was overdressed since it was warm (about 55*), but I didn’t feel like going back to change.

I warmed up for 15 minutes by heading down the park and then got started on the 800’s. I used the “workouts” mode on my Garmin for the first time ever and it worked great! The first repeat was a little off while I figured out how to start the interval, then realized that the first beeps don’t mean its over, but almost over! 

The 800’s were 3:24, 3:20, 3:21, 3:22, 3:21, 3:22, which is perfect because for my target time of 3:23.

Obviously these ARE NOT Yasso 800’s…because my marathon goal time isn’t 3:23:00! Also, the Yasso 800’s give you a rest interval equal to the 800 target time. The rest interval for this workout was only 90 seconds! I did learn that the way to force myself to stick to a given rest interval is to use the workout mode on the Garmin! When that thing starts beeping at you, you feel compelled to GO! Maybe I should have used that tactic for my crappy mile repeat workout when I doubled the rest time. (Side note: I did stop for a quick potty break after 3 800’s, but that probably only took an extra 1:30 or so. I justified it by telling myself that I technically broke the workout into two 3×800 sets with extra rest in the middle. Oh yeah and because it would have been pretty embarassing if I wouldn’t have 🙂 TMI?!)

My total workout ended up being 7.5 miles and took over an hour to do. I was then running super late to work! Eeeek!

Birthday Celebration

After a day full of meetings it was awesome to head out to dinner with some of my favorites!! It was our friend (and neighbor) Jason’s birthday yesterday so we went to Papa’s & Beer to celebrate! We ate good food and drank (big) yummy drinks!

The birthday boy!

And with his beautiful soon-to-be-bride, Alicia:

The girls (a little blurry):

The guys:

Getting the happy birthday song!

Finally some clear pics!

Aaaand it’s gone!

We had a great night celebrating and chatting with our friends. We used to see Jason and Alicia every.single.day. and while they are still our neighbors, our schedules have us all in a million different directions and we haven’t spent as much time with them lately. Looking forward to lots of cards/wine nights this winter to pick back up where we left off before the craziness of fall set in.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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