Weekly Recap: Building Back Up

Countdown: 9 Weeks to Houston

I had planned to take it easy this week to recover from Savannah, but since I wasn’t sore at all, I jumped right back in after the mini-taper from last week. I still didn’t get back up to over 30 miles since the long run was a planned drop-back week from the 20-miler two weeks ago. I am very proud of the cross-training and workouts this week. These were two challenging speed/tempo workouts that I crushed and other than a non-planned rest day on Monday, I got some good biking and swimming workouts in. 🙂

Monday – OFF 😦 Sunday evening I toyed with the idea of getting up for an early swim before work, but I find that it is really hard to drag myself up for a Monday morning workout. Instead, I took my workout clothes to work with full intention of hitting up Body Pump afterwards. And I brought swim stuff as a back up! Unfortunately I was pulled into a meeting 15 minutes before I would have had to leave for Body Pump and ended up working right through it. After that I was done working but stayed a little after to finish my Savannah Race Report. By that time it was getting dark and I was hungry and just went straight home. I had intentions of taking Walter for an easy 3 miles once I got home, but that didn’t happen either. Workout Fail!

Tuesday – 8 miles w/6 miles @ 8:05 min/mile: I met Char at 6 at Sportsclub for this 8-miler. I always love this workout in the RLRF plan and as usual it was a challenging, but great workout. I had alot of confidence going in since 8:05 was the pace I kept for the first 8 miles of my recent PR 1/2 marathon and although my legs were still a little heavy from the race, it went well. After warming up at an 8:28 mile, we hit the 6 tempo miles at 8:03, 8:02, 8:04, 8:01, 8:02 and 7:57, then cooled down for an 8:36 mile. We made up the route as we went and chatted away the whole time. It is so nice having Char join me for these workouts, even though she isn’t training for anything in particular.

Wednesday – 2000 m swim: I am still trying to stick to my goal of getting at least one swim and one bike in every week. I didn’t get it in last week since I didn’t get back from Ft. Lauderdale until Tuesday and left for Savannah on Thursday, so it was great to hit the pool and get in a good swim! I did feel a little out-of-whack and slow after taking a few weeks off, but I still always love my pool time!

Thursday – 7.5 Miles of Speedwork

Friday – Spin Class!: After being out late celebrating Jason’s birthday on Thursday night, I am not sure how I managed to get up at 5 a.m. for spin. I have to admit, knowing I would have to post on here that I took another unscheduled rest day was a big motivator to get myself up and spinning! I love this instructor because he treats the spin class like a ride on the road. I can actually visualize myself out there riding, which I can never do with “rock and roll” spin. The music is just okay, but the workout is GREAT!

Saturday – 13.3 miles: Char is building her mileage back up in hopes of a half marathon PR in Charleston the same weekend I am doing Houston and I am benefitting by having her as a running buddy for longish runs! We started later in the morning because it was pretty cold overnight. The pace was slow in the early miles but picked it up halfway and even more toward the end. The miles flew by and it ended up being a beautiful day!

Sunday – 24 mile bike: It was a beautiful day and one of the things I love most about South Carolina is the ability to enjoy outdoor activities well into the late fall/early winter months. I rode with Char and Jesse and we went pretty easy for about an hour and a half, but had some decent climbs and rolling hills to get the heart rate up and the legs burning!

Total Miles: 28.8 miles

Previous Weeks:

Week 1: 17.4 miles (Augusta 1/2 Ironman week!)

Week 2: 15.2 miles (recovery)

Week 3: 26.2 miles

Week 4: 29.1 miles

Week 5: 31.3 miles

Week 6: 32 miles

Week 7: 20.1 miles (Savannah 1/2 Marathon)

Week 8: This week!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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2 Responses to Weekly Recap: Building Back Up

  1. i’ll be interested to see what you do to get ready for houston 🙂 I’m running philly totally for fun next weekend, shoot I may walk and after that I”m trying to decide what I want my long runs to look like up to Houston

  2. Well hey there- thanks for stopping by today! 🙂 Let me just say, you’re my new hero. I think triathletes are the BOMB!! Looking forward to reading more!

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