Thursday Thoughts

1. I absolutely am in love with my new boots! It was quite the journey before they made their way to me, but now I have them and I am obsessed. They are the Chocolate Amelia Logo “Pull-Ons” from The Frye Company.

I acquired my first pair of Frye boots about 3 years ago when Brad saw a girl wearing a pair on an airplane and decided that I NEEDED to have a pair of them because he liked them so much. Who am I to argue with my boyfriend (at the time) if he wants to buy me a very expensive pair of boots? So we found a pair that we both liked on Zappos and he ordered them. I have worn them a TON over the last three years and they still look as good (or better!) than the day they arrived at my doorstep. They don’t have the same styles today, but they most closely resemble the Campus 14L.

When I decided that I needed a nice pair of dark brown boots that I could wear with jeans, dresses or with dress pants to work, of course I decided that they could be no other brand than Frye.

Side note: Yes, they are more expensive than other brands, but I honestly believe they are 100% worth it. They are made of real leather and are handstitched, but what’s really important is that these are not boots you buy and wear for one season, then have to throw away because they look ratty. They are quality and they last and, as important, they are extremely comfortable.

In this round of boot shopping, I first bought the Jenna Inside Zip in dark brown from, but when they arrived, they were WAY to tight for my calves (13″ shaft circumference). So I returned them (for free, wahoo!) and ordered the Amelia’s, but accidentally ordered the wrong size from endless. When I realized that 5 minutes later, I proceeded to place an order directly with Frye for the right size. They finally came and all the others were safely returned and refunded and now I am one happy boot owner!

2. There were at least 3 reasons I should have had a crappy run today: I had to start at shortly after 5 a.m. so I could make it to a 7 a.m. meeting. It was raining. My running partner bailed at the last minute (who could blame her?!). But I managed to have an awesome 6-miler with 3 tempo miles in the middle at 7:33, 7:32 and 7:33. I felt great and loved it!

3. Despite my early wake-up call this morning, I stayed up watching Mean Girls 2 last night until 11 o’clock. Why? Because I actually liked it. I even laughed out loud a couple of times. Does this mean I have the sense of humor of a tween? Or that I just happen to enjoy really cheesy movies about teenage angst? Either way, its kind of embarrassing.

4. I am getting a haircut today. That may not seem like a big deal, except that the last time I got my haircut was last April. Of course no one will probably notice that my long, straight hair will have long, straight layers in it and no split ends, but hopefully the just-hangs-there-with-no-volume look will be transformed to something that looks like I actually try to make it look nice.

5. There has not be NEAR enough schnoodle love in this blog lately. The boys have been neglected in here and that must change soon. Since they are getting their hair cut today too…I will have to get some pics and give them some love!

6. I have done MUCH better today with working toward eating 7 fruits & veggies a day! I just finished lunch and I have had a glass of Simply Orange OJ (does that count?), a serving of pomegranate and a serving of pineapple, a banana, and at least 2 servings of veggies in my stir-fry leftovers. That’s 6 already! While I always strive to eat 7-10 servings of fruts and vegetables every day, it is even more important now that HBBC is starting in a mere 2 days! And I want to win prizes!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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