Weekly Recap: Turning the Page

Countdown: 8 Weeks to Houston

And I mean literally, turning the page! Because this was the last week on the first page on the training program!

Obviously I took this pic before the week was over, since I obsessively write in my workouts after they are finished and the last little box for Saturday’s 18-miler wasn’t completed yet. I don’t use Daily Mile or any other electronic tracking for marathon training…but clearly not one mile goes undocumented!

Every time I have trained for a marathon using this program, I always feel like turning the page is a big turning point in the training cycle. It means that the workouts are kicked up a notch, mileage starts to peak and soon the taper will be upon me!

Monday – SPIN!! Woohoo! Finally a cross training workout on Monday! It’s a miracle! After the morning I had, there is no way this would have happened if I didn’t have a spin date with my favorite workout/running buddy. A little accountability was all Char and I both needed to get our tails in the saddle Monday after work.  We both agreed that we weren’t a fan of the instructor, but we pushed ourselves and got our sweat on anyway!

Tuesday – 6.38 miles w/2 x (6x400m) w/1:30 RI: Translation – 12 quarter mile sprints (in 1 min 39 sec, 6:36 min/mile pace) with 90 seconds rest. As much as I have not enjoyed speed work in this training cycle, this is actually one of my favorite speed workouts from the RLRF plan.  It is long because there are so many intervals, but each one is short and the rest intervals allow you to truly recover before starting the next one. Char joined me and we did the workout in an undeveloped neighborhood near her house. There are some inclines/variations, which adds a unique challenge to it, but the sceneary is much better and it is more tolerable than running circles around the track! This is how our splits looked:

1-6 – 1:40, 1:38, 1:33, 1:40, 1:36, 1:39                   7-12 – 1:37, 1:37, 1:35, 1:35, 1:34, 1:37

Wednesday – Off: This was not necessarily a planned rest day, but I am not as disappointed in myself as I usually am when I skip a cross-training workout. This was the first day off in 10 days (since last Monday!) and even though I was only planning to take Sunday off after my long run this week, I think it was a good rainy day decision to give the legs some rest.

Thursday – 6.14 miles w/3 miles @ 7:35 min/mile: I talked about this run in #2 here.

Friday – Spin! Early morning (5:30 a.m.) spin class with Char. This wasn’t near as good as the class I took last Friday morning because the instructor is so much better. But the music was decent, I got nice and sweaty and added another cross training workout to the week!

Saturday – 18 miles, 8:51 min/mile (and negative splits!): Days like Saturday are when I am thankful for the best running partner ever. I have mentioned this before, but Char isn’t training for anything specific, yet she still has joined me for a ton of runs in my Houston training, including speed work and tempos. But Saturday was her true test! Brad and I were leaving to drive to IL that morning, so I had to start at 5:30 to get the miles in and still leave at a decent time. It was cold (low 30’s) and early, but after I ran 4 miles, Char joined me for the final 14. My legs felt heavy pretty early on (spinning anyone?!) and it was awesome having her there to push me, especially in the last 3 miles where I really needed the encouragement. She had some spring in those legs and was pulling me along to hit the paces I wanted. I am so lucky to have such a great friend because I KNOW she did not want to get out of bed when that alarm went off!

Sunday – Planned REST DAY: Lazy Sunday, rest day, time with family, ‘nough said!

Total Miles:  30.5 miles

Previous Weeks:

Week 1: 17.4 miles (Augusta 1/2 Ironman week!)

Week 2: 15.2 miles (recovery)

Week 3: 26.2 miles

Week 4: 29.1 miles

Week 5: 31.3 miles

Week 6: 32 miles

Week 7: 20.1 miles (Savannah 1/2 Marathon)

Week 8: 28.8

Week 9: This week!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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3 Responses to Weekly Recap: Turning the Page

  1. Lindsey says:

    I’m new to your blog, so maybe you’ve covered this before, but how do you like the FIRST program? I’m using a modified version of it (plus Crossfit) to train for a half marathon in March.

    • Corey says:

      Hi Lindsey! I really like the FIRST program for marathon training! This is the 3rd marathon I have used it for and I feel like it really works for me. I am not necessarily injury prone, but I really like the idea of running lower mileage (compared to other plans) and it just isn’t as overwhelming to be marathon training when you only run 3x/week.
      Strangely enough, It seems that the FIRST training plans get harder for the shorter distances. The 1/2 marathon plan is pretty tough, if I remember right, with the longest run going all the way up to 15 miles! Most 1/2 plans only go up to 10-12.
      The only advice that I would give you (because I made this mistake the first time around), is to chooose a goal pace and use that to focus on the paces given in the plan. I was all over the place with pace on my first marathon and had much better results in the 2nd one when I knew what my goal was and trained around that pace.
      Good luck! Which one are you doing?

      • Lindsey says:

        Thanks, that’s good to hear! I’m running the Famously Hot Half Marathon in Columbia on March 10. It’s my first one – I’m super pumped about it! I’m doing the plan with a group of people from my Crossfit gym. The coaches have actually modified it so we only run twice a week (with a few weeks having 3 runs) and then do our regular Crossfit workouts the other days. They set up our goal times too, so it’s kind of nice that I don’t have to do any of that. It’s funny though – all of the people I’ve talked to about FIRST who are strictly runners say that it’s a bad idea, not enough miles, etc. But everyone I’ve talked to that has actually tried the program has said good things.

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