Thanksgiving Week…by the Numbers

After a week filled with things to be thankful for, we are safely back in Greenville. Despite the (mostly) dreary fall weather, we had an awesome week in Illinois with Brad’s family. We ate, laughed, played, slept and enjoyed every minute of family time, but I am very glad to be home and getting back into a normal routine for a few weeks before the next round of holidays arrive! Here’s a little summary of the week…by the numbers:

Disclaimer: Most of these pictures were taken courtesy of my BRAND NEW Nikon Coolpix Camera that my amazing In-Laws got me as an early Christmas present to replace mine that was stolen. It is nicer and smaller than my old one and has tons of sweet features. But it still seems that no matter how many pictures I take, it always seems like I never get enough to capture all of the fun that was had. I am also self-admittedly a really bad photographer!

Okay, on with it…

22…Total hours spent in the car to drive to and from Peoria. Fortunately, the boys do really well and pretty much sleep for the entire 11 hour drive.

4…Kiddos – We got to spend tons of time with our handsome nephew and beautiful nieces, Jackson, Maeve, Simone and Mara this week. It was an absolute blast hanging out with them. Maybe I am biased but they are the cutest, funniest kids ever!

5 month old sweetheart Simone.

Jackson just turned 6 two weeks ago!

Maeve is 3 1/2 and quite the dog walker!

Maeve and Mara…sweet cousins in matching jackets!

Mara Moo is absolutely hilarious and will be 2 in March, right after she becomes a BIG SISTER in February!!

5…Dogs – Between our two, Brad’s mom’s dogs, Carter and Sofie (or Dodo as Mara calls her), and Kristen and Kirk’s dog, Lucy, it was pretty much a zoo around the house all week!


Carter and Ernie.


Lucy trying to escape the craziness!

Sofie/Dodo didn’t make any pictures because she spent the entire week barking at everyone or hiding in the closet 🙂

23,945…Minutes the guys spent watch football/basketball games this week.

39…Miles – Biggest mileage week ever! I had a 20-miler on the schedule this week that I decided to get up and do early Wednesday morning. I figured getting it out of the way prior to stuffing my face all day on Thursday would be a good idea. It went really, really well compared to the 18-miler I did in Greenville the weekend before. I felt super strong and finished the last 2 miles under my goal marathon pace. It absolutely helps that Illinois couldn’t be more FLAT. It is also nice to mix up the scenery a little from my typical Greenville routes. In addition to the 20, I was able to get the mileage up that high by throwing in an extra 4.7 mile Turkey Trot/recovery run with Drew and Kate on Thursday morning.

59.7HBBC Points accumulated this week. It is great to start out strong, but future weeks will probably not be as high as this one. Since the points are based on a Saturday to Friday week and I did both my long runs this week in that timeframe, the points jumped up. Hopefully being back home will help me get back on a good cross-training and eating schedule and I will get close though!

1…Christmas Tree – Parker family tradition is to go cut down our own Christmas tree instead of shopping on Black Friday. All 8 adults, 4 kids and 5 dogs make the trek and it is quite the crew! After we find a perfect tree and cut it down we ride on a tractor back to the car. The kids absolutely love it and it is tons of fun!


Found the perfect one…

And…it’s down!

FINALLY…1 also is the number of promotions that I got last week 🙂 The announcement finally came out while we were in Illinois so I can share that I have received a new assignment (ahem…promotion) at work that will keep us in Greenville for at least 2 more years. We are very, very excited and while I will miss my current job and definitely am sad to leave the amazing team that I work on now, I am looking forward to the new challenge and a little more international travel.

We truly have so much to be thankful for in our lives and feel so very blessed and happy.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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