I’m Back!! (Part 1)

It is possible that no one really noticed I was gone 🙂 But I have been on about a two week hiatus from my little blog here. It wasn’t intentional and I have been missing it and feeling a little guilty about ignoring it! With the holidays and vacation and no access to my regular computer, I just haven’t gotten around to blogging over the last two weeks. I knew I wouldn’t be posting regularly over the holidays, but I thought I would get in a few posts here and there, not ignore the blog entirely! So I will start the year with a little update on where I have been. In pictures.

Prior to leaving Greenville, Brad and I had our own little Christmas together. We ate Chinese food, exchanged gifts (he spoiled me!), then went to see Sherlock Holmes.

Once we got on the road, we had an unexpected illness and spent some time in the hospital.

Finally after surgery, Brad got to come home and cuddle with his boys!

And on Christmas Eve, I ran 20 miles. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures, but the highlight was my mom riding her bike with me for 15 miles of the run! The weather was super gross, windy and drizzly, but she bundled up and toughed it out. That was enough incentive for me to push myself through a little rough patch around mile 13-15 and finish strong! I have notoriously bombed this last 20 before taper and was beyond proud that this time was a success!!

Then we celebrated Christmas with family…


And that got a little odd when the kids started playing beer pong in my Grandparents’ bedroom…

And Grandma was spanking my cousin, Jared, while he was wearing a Santa Snuggy…

You mean that doesn’t happen at everyone’s family Christmas party?!

The day after Christmas, my brother and his fiance, Haley, and the kids came to visit!

Zach & Dylan


We had a blast! Since I didn’t have access to a pool or gym, my cross-training on the non-running days while I was at my parents’ house was a 2-mile walk with the dogs around the neighborhood (this is my official HBBC documentation for this week!). Usually it was just one or both of my parents and me, but when the whole crew was in town, we made it a family walking adventure!

Like my outfit?! I had just finished running 13 miles and had my compression socks on under my jeans when we decided to go on the walk. Since it was so nice out, naturally I just put on shorts and went with it! P.S. You will notice that I am wearing my FIRST piece of Lululemon gear ever! I have not taken this jacket off since I got it! LOVE!

I also got my cross-training in that day with a little old-school roller skating! We took the kids, but I think the adults enjoyed it the most!

You can’t tell, but I am trying to skate backwards during the backwards skate session :). It wasn’t pretty! We really were there with the kiddos…I swear! But I am guessing all those pics ended up on someone else’s camera, so I will have to track them down for proof!

That brings us up to December 29th…when we left for Phoenix with my best friend and roommate from college. That will have to be documented in its own post! Stay tuned for Part 2 of Where I have been (in pics)!!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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7 Responses to I’m Back!! (Part 1)

  1. Happy New Year, girl! Great post 🙂 I was off-and-on over the holidays too and couldn’t keep up with blogging as much either! First, wowzers – you really did get spoiled for Christmas – beautiful bling!!! And I just got my first piece of Lulu wear too and am SO OBSESSED! Nice job on the 20 miler, that’s awesome that your mom rode with you!

  2. Lindsey says:

    I was wondering where you’ve been. I’m glad y’all had a good holiday even though your husband was sick. And it’s great to hear that he’s doing better!

  3. i’ve been wondering how everyone was!!

    lulu is my favorite jacket too, it travels everywhere with me 🙂
    love the family walks and crazy beer pong

  4. Laura says:

    Welcome back! I love that your mom rode bike alongside your 20 miler! Sounds like a great trip… hope to meet you in Houston!

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