Weekly Recap: Full-on Taper!

Countdown: 2 Weeks to Houston

In my absence from the blog over the last 2 weeks, I have skipped 3 weeks of training updates! Since I last posted about my training, I completed a fast-ish 15-miler (8:33 min/mile) , my final 20-miler (8:38 min/mile) and my first taper long run (13 miles @ marathon pace). Unless you count daily 2-mile walks as cross-training, I did no additional workouts during the time I was in Texas and Arizona. I know I could have fit some sort of yoga or upper body strength workout in without gym access, but to be honest, I just wanted spend time with my family and enjoy it, instead of stressing over cross-training!

So that brings us to this week! THE LAST FULL WEEK BEFORE THE RACE!! I am in major taper mode, but also really, really trying to get back on track with eating, drinking water and light cross-training after the holidays.

Monday – 5.64 miles w/2 easy, 3 @ 7:35, 0.6 cool down: After doing basically nothing for the two previous days, I NEEDED this run before I got in the car for 11+ hours to drive back to Greenville. We stayed with my parents at the RV park outside of Lake Charles, LA so I did loops around the park/casino. I took Walter for the first 2 warm-up miles at about an 8:30 pace, then did 3 miles at 7:33, 7:29 and 7:24. Wow! Not sure if it was the cooler weather, flat roads or the beginning of the taper taking affect, but this felt awesome! The tempo miles felt effortless and I felt like I could have run many more at that pace. Taper runs usually feel unusually hard for me (i.e. my 13-mile long run last week), but this was definitely an exception.

Tuesday – OFF: I really, really wanted to jump back into cross-training by hitting the elliptical and upper body weights after work, but with our car being at the dealership, Brad had to pick me up from work. He offered to drop me off at the gym, then pick me up later, but I figured I would give him a break from being my taxi and head home to get some stuff done around the house.

Wednesday – 1600 m swim (I think): It could also have been 1750?! I got a new waterproof iPod/headphones set up for Christmas and I was dying to test it out. I spent a lot of time in the pool messing around with the ear buds and trying to get it to stay in place. I finally got it going pretty well at the end, but in the meantime, I wasted valuable swimming time at the pool and kept losing count of my laps. Nonetheless, it was still great to be back in the pool! After the marathon, I may up my swims to 2 times a week to get back into tri mode again!

Thursday – 5.61 miles w/5 4 x1K @ 4:16: Whatever happened Monday to make me feel like the taper was working and gave me fresh legs, did not happen again today. This workout was tough. So tough, in fact, that I didn’t think it was even good to push my body that hard 10 days out from Houston, so I cut the repeats short and didn’t do the last one. I probably should have done even fewer. My legs felt heavy and it was hard to maintain the pace, but I completed them in 4:16, 4:13, 4:16 and 4:15, per my goal.

Friday – 35 minutes elliptical + upper body weights: I failed to get up for a swim and got side tracked talking to a friend at work when I tried to sneak workout in at lunch so I was quite proud when I made my way to gym after work. The workout felt great and wasn’t too much to interfere with my attempt to taper for next weekend!

Saturday – 7.15 miles I slept in, messed around on my phone for a while then finally dragged on the running clothes around 11 a.m. It was pretty warm by the time I started (almost 60*) which felt good at first but I got warm quickly. I felt lethargic from the beginning and the whole run just felt sluggish and weak. Definitely not a confidence booster for Houston! I ended the run at 7.15 miles with thoughts that maybe I am not rested enough yet. But realistically I am probably just having that mental-taper-weirdness that I have found is pretty typical for me.

Sunday – Off! I rested, slept in, napped, baked and ran errands. It was a fantastic Sunday!

Total Miles: 18.40 miles

Previous Weeks:

  • Week 1: 17.4 miles (Augusta 1/2 Ironman week!)
  • Week 2: 15.2 miles (recovery)
  • Week 3: 26.2 miles
  • Week 4: 29.1 miles
  • Week 5: 31.3 miles
  • Week 6: 32 miles
  • Week 7: 20.1 miles (Savannah 1/2 Marathon)
  • Week 8: 28.8 miles
  • Week 9: 30.5 miles
  • Week 10: 39.3 miles
  • Week 11: 36 miles
  • Week 12: 33 miles
  • Week 13: 32 miles
  • Week 14: 36.6 miles
  • Week 15: 27.8 miles
  • Week 16: This week!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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4 Responses to Weekly Recap: Full-on Taper!

  1. Laura says:

    I tend to have those not-so-good taper runs too, but you are well prepared for Houston. Try to enjoy this final tapering week… I’m excited to meet up at the trials!

  2. Congrats, girl! This is awesome and I really enjoy your recaps! I can’t wait to see how you do in Houston – you’re totally ready to rock it!!!!

  3. Yay – bloggers in greenville!!! Thanks for commenting so I could find your blog!!!

  4. your training has been great and I know it’s mentally tough to have done less than what you wanted, but i think you are ready 🙂 I can say this because I am silently freaking out

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