Wahhhh! My Shoulder Hurts!

Yes, that is me crying. My shoulder is absolutely killing me.

A little background:

Almost exactly two years ago (on our honeymoon), I was doing this:

And this happened:

Okay, so maybe you can’t tell exactly what happened by this pic, but that is me in the emergency room after a bad fall and a shot of morphine. Turns out I broke my left shoulder. Yes, that is correct. I broke my shoulder on.my.honeymoon. You can only imagine the jokes that ensued upon arrival back home to our friends. Not that Brad didn’t egg it all on…

Anyway, I digress. The moral of the story is that this shoulder injury pretty much put a damper on my active lifestyle in 2010. Maybe not the best way to start a marriage…as the non-sweaty version of myself is pretty cranky. I was basically limited to walking, some stationary biking and a little easy elliptical until the doctor released me to run several weeks later. The good news? Guess who my physical therapist was?

Ignore the BAD heel strikes - it was late in the race!

Yep. That girl on the left. Also known as my favorite running buddy and close friend, Char. So PT 3 x week was like a little gossip/running chat sesh. But btw, she was absolutely brutal with the shoulder strengthening exercises. Some friend, huh? 😉

At the time, I wasn’t swimming too much (this was pre-triathlon days, my friends) but that was always our benchmark of when we knew my shoulder was completely healed – when I could do a full swimming motion without pain. By the time March of that year came around, I was pretty much 100% healed and by April I graduated from PT for good.

That summer I officially took up the whole swim, bike, run thing and have swam consistently ever since (with essentially no pain).

So you can imagine my confusion, disgust, frustration when all of a sudden last week, my shoulder started hurting. I ignored it because sometimes a change in weather will cause a little twinge and a day or so later the pain disappears like it was never there. But this pain continued intermittently. Then I swam 3000 yds. Monday morning at Master’s Swim and while it didn’t bother me during the swim, by Tuesday morning, it hurt to do normal things – like drive or brush my hair.

Of course being the stubborn person that I am, I figured since it didn’t hurt to swim Monday, that I would attempt Master’s Swim again yesterday. Well, I was wrong. It hurt. After 600 yards, I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I moved over to an empty lane and spent the next hour-ish kicking. And I am not entertained by kicking. So despite getting 1850 yds in total, it kinda stunk!

So now where does that leave me? I don’t know, but my shoulder hurts and I suppose I need to figure out whether to go to the doctor or give it some time to rest. In the meantime, I will continue to whine, cry and complain to the internet.

Happy posts to resume again soon.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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8 Responses to Wahhhh! My Shoulder Hurts!

  1. Lindsey says:

    Oh, Corey, I’m so sorry! I feel your pain, I really, really do. 😦

  2. Laura says:

    Oh, no!! How frustrating! And kicking for an hour would not entertain me either… are you still able to bike and run pain-free? Hopefully by skipping some of the swimming for a bit, you’ll be back on track much faster than the last time. Complain away! 🙂

  3. Oh no, that is the worst! I had a huge knee problem a couple of years ago and had to have surgery and I always get nervous when it starts acting up again. I hope it feels better soon! That picture is really funny because both of you are in the same exact position – arms, hands, legs – everything!

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