Seizure Head Slog Fest

There is nothing like dusting off the bike after a 2 month hiatus and jumping right back into riding with 44 miles in the saddle. Why ease in slowly when you can go all out?!

Earlier this week, Jesse mentioned to me that they were planning to ride 60 miles up to Caesar’s Head on Saturday. Knowing that there was no way I could ride that far on one of the toughest climbs around, I immediately counted myself out. Then the night before the ride, Char texted that there was a 44-mile option. That sounded much more doable and upon finding out that this was also an organized ride and I wouldn’t be trucking the last 20+ miles in on my own, I agreed to join them. I was still a little nervous about the distance, but figured I could tough it out, even if I suffered the last 10 miles. I still got a little crap for taking the easy way out…

Char and Jesse were still convinced that they would talk me into the 60 at the split, but my mind was made up…

I showed up at the start point about 30 minutes prior to the 9 a.m. start and made my donation and registered. The Seizure Head Slog Fest is a ride put on by three local riders who are raising money for AIDS LIFECYCLE, supporting AIDS research.

It was a chilly 40 degrees at the start, so I layered up and prepared to go.

Promptly at nine, they gathered us up, gave some instructions and we were off.

There were probably about 50 cyclists so the start was slow. I was anxious to get moving because I was FREEZING. Don’t let the bright sun and blue skies fool you, the wind was brisk and the temps weren’t warming up quickly.

It was fun catching up with my riding buddies and chatting as we rode. It felt great to be back in the saddle and made me remember why I loved riding so much last summer. Before we knew it were were at the aid station and split point.

They had everything! Granola bars, raisins and pb on graham crackers, cheese crackers, veggie soup, Fig Newtons, candy…I was already halfway so I decided to skip the junk and grab a banana before finishing the final half. Then my buddies rode off to tackle the Caesar’s Head climb.

I joined a small group of which I only knew one girl, but typical of the Greenville cycling community, they welcomed me warmly. Even though we skipped the big climb, the last half of the ride was tough! We picked up the pace with the smaller group and tackled some pretty sizable “grunts” over the the last 24 miles. I was very happy that I was keeping pace and even leading for a majority of those final miles. I guess I haven’t lost as much of my cycling endurance as I thought. This is encouraging as tri season is quickly approaching! I was still more than ready to get off the bike when we rolled back up to our cars at mile 44.

It took me several hours to thaw out after the ride! Fortunately we had a couples’ shower/party for our good friends that evening to celebrate their upcoming wedding to help. The fantastic Chilean wine warmed me up from the inside out!

Brad with our sweet creepy ride to the party. It was 40 minutes away so we all piled in to that 15 passenger van with our reliable DD (groom’s dad) at the wheel. We had a blast at the party, playing games and chatting with good friends. On the way back our pimp-mobile dropped us all off at an Irish bar downtown for another drink.

My beautiful Greenville girls! Suzanne, Alicia (the bride), Heather (also a soon-to-be bride), Me and Nikki. This group is all leaving Thursday for Alicia’s bachelorette party in Jupiter this Thursday!

Overall, it was a fantastic Saturday. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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5 Responses to Seizure Head Slog Fest

  1. Laura says:

    Congrats on such a strong ride!! Sounds like the perfect day, other than the bitter cold temps. Glad you surprised yourself with how good you felt!

  2. Sounds great and like so much fun! What a great weekend 🙂

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