Like Any Other Day…

Do you know what today is? Tuesday? Yep, sure is. February 28th? Yes, that too. The last day of the month? No, not this year. My birthday? Oh yeah, then there is that…

Birthdays used to be a really big deal to me. My parents always made a big deal out of them when I was growing up and then when I went to college, I had a great group of friends that took celebrating to the next level. It wasn’t all parties and craziness either, we planned fun surprises and even though we didn’t have money, we always found a way to pool what we did have for special gifts!

Since then, I have had some great birthdays, like the one Brad & I spent together when he surprised me by showing up a week early in Germany…

And some not so great ones…like the one I spent alone in my extended stay hotel in South Florida, a few weeks after I moved there for work.

We also celebrated one in Charleston, SC 3 years ago, but then the next year, we kept the one in the month after our wedding super low key, since I was a little over having the spotlight on me that year.

I have to admit, I haven’t been all that excited about my birthday this year. There is no reason for that, except it kind of snuck up on me. After a crazy week of travel last week and a bachelorette party in Jupiter, FL that I am planning and attending for this beautiful girl this weekend,

Yay! Alicia is getting married!!

I just haven’t thought much about it.

Then yesterday was kind of a rough day…It started out fine with a sweaty 5:15 a.m. spin class. I didn’t particularly care for the instructor, but I still got a dose of endorphin’s on a Monday morning, which is a fantastic way to start the week. The work day wasn’t all that notable either, but something happened after work that kind of ruined the day and left me in a funk. (And no it wasn’t because Ben once again sent home my favorite girl, Kacie B., while he continues to fall for mean-girl Courtney…)

But I am determined not to let that ruin today! Birthday or not, there is no reason to dwell on things that will inevitably put me in a bad mood. So last night I attended my weekly date with my girl Alicia (see above) watching the Bachelor and screaming at the TV chatting away. Then I made early morning plans to start the day off right!

I met up with Char for a glorious (but heavy legged) 7-mile run with my favorite running buddy. The time running with a great friend was birthday present enough, but she followed that up with making me a yummy smoothie and homemade healthy banana bread for breakfast before sending me off to work.

Now I am trying be productive at work (which OBVIOUSLY is happening, since I am blogging…), then I will have lunch with Brad, work a little more then cap of the day by ordering Italian in with Brad and Jason & Alicia. I have already had a number of calls, texts and Facebook messages wishing me a happy birthday, so I very much appreciate the love.

Long story short, I have learned that birthdays have changed in their meaning and importance to me. I guess it has been this way for a while, but for some reason this year, I have put it in perspective. Instead of a big build up and a crazy day, I now see it as a time to appreciate the chance to connect with friends I haven’t heard from in a while, then spend a quiet evening with Brad and a few close friends – one of those friends being Pinot Noir 🙂 . And mostly importantly to make it a great day…just like every other!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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7 Responses to Like Any Other Day…

  1. Laura says:

    Yep- that definitely sounds like the kind of day my birthday has become as well! Happy birthday to you! What a sweet friend– a good run AND breakfast?! Lucky you!

  2. Terzah says:

    Happy Birthday! I understand about liking them low-key. That’s absolutely my choice most years. Nonetheless, enjoy it!

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