St. Patty’s Swim, Bike, Run

I celebrated St. Patty’s Day today by doing my first brick(s) of the year! I have to admit the workouts themselves were not actually in the spirit of the holiday at all (I didn’t even wear green)! But I would have…if I had a green swim suit or bike jersey 🙂

Next year maybe?

After being couped up in an auditorium, subjected to death-by-powerpoint all week, it was REALLY nice to get home last night…especially since I arrived to two different options for sweat sessions today! There was a big group going on a long ride (I would have only done about 50) at sunrise and another group doing a 9:00 Master’s swim, followed by 30ish miles on the bike. I opted for sleeping in and hitting the pool, followed by the medium distance ride.

I leisurely got up at 8, made an egg sandwich and cuddled with the puppies for a while, all along thinking that we were swimming at the pool 3 minutes from my house. Once I finally got in gear and got going, I was a couple minutes late to the pool, only to walk in and find no one there! Um, duh…I remembered right away that the text I got last night said we were swimming at the other Y! I had it in my mind the whole time that it was the one close to my house. That is what this week’s training did to me. Brain dead.

See..That clearly states the pool location!

I hustled over to the other pool, cussing myself for being a moron the whole time. I finally got there about 25 minutes into the workout, but was still able to squeeze in a solid 2100 yards to get a pretty darn good swim. I am always amazed at how much harder I work with the Master’s group than on my own.

After the swim and a short rinse off, we headed over to yet another meeting spot a few minutes away to ride out. There were 4 of us, but another girl who knew Carolyn was getting ready to ride on her own so she joined us too. The more the merrier! We ended up riding about 26 rolling miles at 16.5 mph and had a great time. We ran into the other big group that was riding long that morning, so I got to ride for a while with my other friends too! Perfect!

The new girl that joined us, Elizabeth, is training for White Lake 70.3 in May, so she was going for a 30 minute run after the ride. Of course, I couldn’t let her be lonely on her run, so after we rode, I changed again (I came prepared withs running shorts, just in case!) and we ran an easy 30ish minutes, chatting the whole time. New friend and training buddy made! We exchanged numbers after and I finally headed home to stuff my face with what is left in our cabinets/fridge after a week of no shopping!

Oops! Now I am running late to meet a friend for dinner. This time I will be wearing a green dress to celebrate the day! Happy St. Patty’s Day to all!!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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4 Responses to St. Patty’s Swim, Bike, Run

  1. Laura says:

    How fun! I’ve been thinking that I want to try a swim-bike-run combo on my own some Saturday, and now that I’m not worrying about getting long runs in, maybe I can do this next week. I love the went-home-and-stuffed-my-face part, I look forward to that reward after a good workout!

  2. Terzah says:

    Hey Corey! Just saw your comment on my blog about weighing in. After a week of it, in which my weight has ranged from 128 to 134, I’ve decided you’re right. I still might check more often than once a week, but I think every day is crazy making.

    Congrats on this great workout, BTW! Jealous!

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