Marco Island & It Finally Caught Up…

Yes, Marco Island! It must seem like ALL I do is travel!

Friday we took off for yet again, another weekend away. This time it was for some vacation time with Brad’s family.

Even though they live in different states, our nephew, J-Man (kindergarten), and my brother-in-law, Kirk (a teacher), both had the same spring break this year. That meant that everyone could get together for some family time over Easter and the following week!

Unfortunately, since I have had so much time off lately, I was only able to go for the weekend, while everyone else is still having fun while I am back at work all week!

Brad and I flew down Friday so that we could take advantage of Allegiant’s cheap flights that only run two times a week (more on that later). We had a relaxing evening with sushi and running errands for Easter Bunny surprises.

Brad and I can DOWN some sushi but even we couldn't dominate this! And this was AFTER the waitress convinced us not to get the 4th roll!

Saturday we met up with Brad’s dad, brother, sister-in-law, and their three little ones for some lunch in downtown Naples. It was fun to catch up with them and have a semi-quiet lunch before the rest of the crew arrived that afternoon.

We had lunch at the Jolly Cricket, which was great, but somehow the only picture I managed to get was of my SIL’s awesome Chinese salad. Isn’t that cute?!

We spent some time at the beach in Naples (in our street clothes) while we waited for our house in Marco to be ready. (I got the cutest pic of J-Man in his undies after he played in the water and got his clothes all wet, but in the interest of keeping his rep cool in the Kindergarten world, I won’t share for all of the internet to see.) Finally it was time to go check-in so we made our way down to the island, welcomed the rest of the crew, got groceries and did our Insanity workout before a casual dinner and low key evening at the house.

The next morning the Easter Bunny came!

Poor Baby S couldn’t even get to her basket with all the big kids going after it!

Baby P was definitely digging her new headband!

And of course there was the sorting of the eggs (and counting money!)…

They had a blast! After the morning fun, I went for an easy 5-mile run then eventually we got all packed up and went to the beach. We spent the rest of the day between the beach and pool at the house and had a blast playing with the kids and chatting.

We had another low key evening watching TV and hanging out.

When we got up Monday morning it was almost time for me to go! Brad and I did Insanity and laid by the pool before I had to get my stuff together and hit the road.

By the time I said my goodbyes and hit the road, I was running just a little behind for my 2:35 flight out of Punta Gorda. It is about an hour and 15 minutes to the airport so I hustled up there and skipped filling up the rental car (making the flight was more important than paying too much for the rental car company to fill it up)!

But when I rolled up to the airport, it appeared a little dead in the area for a flight to be leaving in 55 minutes. Punta Gorda is a REALLY small airport and Allegiant is the only commercial airline that flies there so within an hour of a flight coming or going, this little airport should be bustling with people.

I knew right then that I had the time wrong. In the back of my mind all weekend when I thought about my flight, I knew it was at 1:35, but when I looked at my calendar on my phone, it said 2:35, so instead of double checking the itinerary that I HAD PRINTED OUT AND BROUGHT WITH ME, I just went with it. Ugh…wishful thinking for an extra hour of pool time.

There were no Allegiant people to be found so I called my MIL (Brad was out golfing) and did some flight research on my phone while I waited to see if they could help me when they came back. Long story short, I couldn’t wait for the next Allegiant flight back to Greenville (FRIDAY), so after a lot of waffling and several more calls to my MIL and airlines, I ended up booking a one-way flight from Ft. Myers airport to Charlotte for $460.

(Note to self: Discount airlines may be cheap up-front, but there is no cheap solution when you miss your flight)

I convinced the rental car company to let me drop off my car at Ft. Myers (30 min. away) for the normal cost of the tank of gas that I didn’t purchase and should have! The guy was super nice (and felt sorry for me) and didn’t even over-charge me for the fill-up.

I made it to Ft. Myers in plenty of time to charge my electronics, book a one-way rental from Charlotte to the Greenville airport and purchase some not healthy snacks to drown my missed flight sorrows.

As much as I travel, you would think that this type of thing wouldn’t happen to me. And honestly it is a bit ironic because I have been giving Brad a ton of crap lately about how unorganized he is with his travel information. I am SUPER organized when it comes to my travel schedules. I always put flight times on my calendar, with confirmation codes. I always print out my itineraries. I always double check my flight status, check-in on-line, avoid checking bags, etc, etc, etc. (Allegiant doesn’t allow on-line check-in unless you pay extra for a reserved seat). But I think all of the traveling just finally caught up to me. I have been on a plane 12 times in the last 11 weeks and eventually, I guess, it was just bound to happen?

Fortunately I finally made it home last night around 9, with my pups waiting for me at home (thanks to an awesome friend!) and I am back at work today.

P.S. Thinking back I am pretty sure I booked the flight and put it on my calendar when I was in Illinois (on Central time) so the iPhone automatically updated it to Eastern Time, making it an hour off. (still no excuse for not checking the real itinerary!)

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I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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6 Responses to Marco Island & It Finally Caught Up…

  1. Lindsey says:

    Aw man, there is really nothing worse than a missed flight – you just know you’re gonna pay in time AND money. How did you like Allegiant though? My mom keeps trying to get me to use it to fly home to Jax, but it makes me nervous. I automatically equate tiny airline = tiny airplanes.

    • Corey says:

      Actually it was a big plane! Kind of like an AirTran/Southwest flight. And there is open seating like Southwest, which is fine too. It is def worth a cheap flight as long as you are overly careful about not missing it 🙂

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