Thursday Thoughts

In all of the Nuun HTC excitement, I haven’t had a chance to talk about some killer workouts I have had this week! After being gone last week, I was ready to log some serious sweat-sessions and I jumped right in and did just that.

1. One-mile Time Trial: Monday night I went to the same Upstate Tri Club track workout that I went to a few weeks ago. This time Coach Allison wanted us all to do a one-mile TT to see where we are with our fitness and have a base-line to re-test in 6 weeks.

We warmed up for 2 miles, then I paced the group that was aiming for an 8ish min/mile (one guy got 7:45!). I was nice and warm, so I recovered a little, then was ready to go with the two really fast guys pacing me. My goal was between 6:15 – 6:30, but I wanted to negative split by starting around 1:40 for the first 400, then drop to 1:35’s and finish under 1:30.

The first 400, I felt nice and relaxed, but we pushed a little fast and ended up at 1:32. I stayed right behind my pacers, Paul & Clint, to break the wind and to guide me around all the soccer players roaming the track. Paul dropped out for the 2nd lap and Clint slowed the pace so that we were right at 3:10 for the 1/2 way point. I still felt pretty comfortable at that point, so I told him to pick it up slightly, then to go all out for the last 400. The 3rd 400 was about the same as the 2nd (1:37) and we went into the final lap at 4:47.

At that point, Paul jumped back in and they pushed me to sprint it out to to the finish. The final 400 was under 1:30, as planned, so I finished right at 6:15.

This is not Monday...but this is about how I felt.

It hurt. Bad. But not really until the final 400. So I wonder if I should have pushed harder for the entire second half mile so that I didn’t have *so much* left. I am sure I shouldn’t feel so comfortable up until that final 400?

I am looking forward to working on speed over the next 6 weeks, then testing again. My goal is to get that mile under 6:00!!

2. Group Ride: Remember a few weeks ago when I almost got blown away (and dropped) during my ride? Well, I went back out to ride with the same group Tuesday night. Ride with fast people = get faster, right?!

Once again, I found myself in the back of the pack doing everything I could to hang on! I started with just 2 other riding friends, but since it was pretty windy (although not as bad as last time), we decided to ride with the bigger group that was leaving around the same time. There were only 2 other women in the group besides Carolyn (my friend) and myself. 

Again, not yesterday...but you get the idea 🙂

I have only ridden in a group that big (about 30 riders) one other time, so I was nervous about that, just as is. Then as we got going, I realized that it was going to be a “hang-on-for-dear-life” kind of day. The good news is that a group that big kind of yo-yo’s, so during the lulls, I was able to catch my breath, bring my heart rate down from the ceiling and give my poor legs a break from the burn. The bad part about that is that it was hard to manage the pace changes and not ride right up on someone’s back tire. I felt like it was a constant brake-sprint-brake-sprint. 

After talking to some more experienced riding friends afterwards, I hear there is a better way to manage that “yo-yo” with gears rather than brakes. I definitely need to learn more about this…so if anyone has any experience, please, teach me all you know!

We ended up riding 18.8 mph for about 27.5 miles on a pretty windy day on a rolling route. The average is always higher with the pull of big group, but that is up near race pace for me! Needless to say, my legs were trashed at the end and I was ready to get off of my bike!

Has anyone else had a killer workout this week? Or big plans for weekend workouts or races?!

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I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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6 Responses to Thursday Thoughts

  1. Whoah, so impressive!!!! Congrats on both! Sorry….as you know…I don’t have much biking experience to share and certainly wouldn’t be able to tell you anything you don’t already know 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Wow, Corey, you were flying! That is an awesome mile time. I had a hard speed work session yesterday, and my 400’s were in that range. It was killer, in a good way. I’ve never done a mile trial… I would definitely need someone to help pace me. I doubt I could really push myself on my own! It’s awesome that you’ve got a group to work on speed together.

    • Corey says:

      Thanks Laura! The pacers really did help a ton. I just put my head down and watched their feet! I actually really like 400 repeats…you are right though, they are killer!

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