Another Race?

First, let me start by saying this is completely unrelated to yesterday’s post about THE BIG RACE 🙂


It seems like I have raced a ton lately, doesn’t it?! That’s probably because tomorrow will mark the 4th time in 5 weeks that I have participated in some kind of race!

First there was Tri the Rock Sprint Tri, then the Random 5k in Michigan and of course the Krazy Kow 5k, which was just for fun, but still a race. Tomorrow I will be racing in yet another sprint triathlon:

This has been on my radar for a while because a HUGE group of tri friends that I train with are also racing it. I was also considering an international distance race this weekend that is part of the series where I get free entries (hard to pass that up!). Ultimately I decided on the sprint because the international is roughly 2 1/2 hours away and this one is only a 20-minute drive! Short drive trumps free race, with the “friends” factor also weighing heavily on the decision.

The downside is that it is yet another pool swim, which I dislike immensely now that I have been in the open water this year!

Quick Goals:

400 m pool swim – I entered my projected finish time as 5:20 (1:20/100 m) and I would like to be as close to that as possible.

14 mile bike – As always, 20+ mph (roughly 42:00)

5k Run – Sub 21:15, roughly a 6:50 min/mile.

My transitions were spot-on at my last sprint, T1 – 42 seconds, T2 – 28 seconds. My goal is to be in this range tomorrow as well.

One final goal. I have raced against my great friend Char for 2 summers now and I have never beat her. Last summer, with a new bike and improved bike fitness, I was closer, but never did it. We have a very friendly and supportive rivalry and a ton of respect for each other’s strengths, but goshdarnit, I want to beat her! (Hi Char, love you!)

Char was my biggest cheerleader at Augusta 70.3 last year!

It is a little odd in a pool swim because it is basically a time trial and you have no idea where you are compared to others, so I will just have to go as hard as I can and see how it turns out! Either way, it will be a blast to see and cheer for tons of familiar faces out on the course!

Happy Friday and good luck to everyone else racing this weekend!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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7 Responses to Another Race?

  1. elizabeth says:

    you are a MACHINE!! lots of racing for you lately. Good luck this weekend and have fun!

    • Corey says:

      haha. I seriously LOVE racing. And since after this month, most of my weekends will be spent training, I am squeezing them in when I can 🙂

  2. Meredith says:

    Good luck tommorow beating your friend! I am doing my first olympic tri of the season next weekend in the gulf…I am a freaking a little bc I have only been in the gym a few times the last two weeks (my ear drum ruptured)…my coach keeps telling me that I should be fine since I’ve had all my long rides and runs in…eeeks..have you ever raced with minimal workouts the weeks before?

    • Corey says:

      Heck yeah! Call it taper! It is probably the best thing that could have happened to you before this race because now you will be rested and ready to go! So maybe it doesn’t fit into your overall training for the 70.3, but you can ramp that back up after the race if you are feeling better. How did you rupture your ear drum?

  3. Laura says:

    Wow, Corey, you’re right about the tri every weekend thing, huh?! Awesome goals… I hope you beat Char! 🙂

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