Workout Log: June 4 – June 17

I was out of town for this entire two weeks! And boy was it crazy! While it was tough to get “regular” workouts in, the good news is that I focused more on running and had the highest mileage weeks that I have had since coming out of marathon training. It felt great to run more again, but I definitely have a few twinges and aches that have popped up that I need to be careful of as I continue to ramp up training this summer.

This will most likely be the last two-week workout log that I post. Now that I am unofficially starting training for Beach 2 Battleship, I will post more detailed weekly training recaps.

June 4 – 10

  • Monday – EASY 3.75 miles a.m. (9:43 min/mile) + 5:00 p.m. Spin – 45 min (18 miles)
  • Tuesday – Speed workout: 12×400’s @ 6:20 w/45 seconds rest; 7 miles – These were tough! Alisen gave me the workout and she loves a short rest interval! 45 seconds isn’t a very long rest. Result: 1:34, 1:36, 1:35, 1:35, 1:35, 1:34, 1:36, 1:35, 1:33, 1:35, 1:34, 1:33
  • Wednesday – 5:30 a.m. Body Attack 30 min elliptical + weights/abs – unfortunately the Body Attack class was cancelled for the summer and I didn’t check the schedule before waking up early and going to the gym! I still used the time, but I was a little bored.
  • Thursday – 7 miles w/4 miles tempo @ 7:30 min/mile: 7:25, 7:27, 7:26, 7:19
  • Friday – OFF (looked back and saw that this was first complete day off with no yoga, swimming or anything since May 18th…yikes!)
  • Saturday – 11 HILLY miles at the lake (8:24 min/mile)
  • Sunday – Open water swim 1600m
  • Run = 28.75 miles
  • Swim = 1600 m
  • Bike = 18 miles
  • Time: 6 hours and 15 min

June 11 – 17

  • Monday – OFF 😦
  • Tuesday – Speed workout: HILLS! – 6 miles w/2 mile w/up, 10 x 1 min hill climb + 5 x 30 sec hill climb, 0.5 mile c/d
  • Wednesday – Indoor brick! 45 min spin (15 miles) + 2 mile TM run (8:21 min/mile)
  • Thursday – 6 miles tempo w/3 miles @ 7:15 – once again perfect, cool weather! Warmed up for 2 miles in my PureCadence (LOVE THEM!) and then ran 3 tempo miles; 7:13, 7:10, 7:11. I was really hurting by 2.5, but overall loving the faster tempo paces than even 6 months ago!
  • Friday – Swim 1900 m at hotel pool. It was a 16 m pool so it felt like I would take a few strokes then have to turn right away. It was 120 lengths to get 1900 m! But I was really glad to make it work on the road.
  • Saturday – 3 easy miles – a late night on Friday (not by my choice) kept me from being able to run Saturday morning before our meetings, so I was extremely happy to squeeze something in before dinner. Just doing something always makes me feel good.
  • Sunday – 10 miles (8:20 min/mile) – had to get up very early to get this done, but was rewarded with a lovely morning on Lake Shore dr. in Chicago. I felt very, very tired and my legs were heavy so it was a struggle to keep the pace I was aiming for, but so satisfying to push through a tough run and meet my goal.
  • Run =  28 miles
  • Swim = 1900 m
  • Bike = 15 miles
  • Time = 5 hrs 10 min.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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4 Responses to Workout Log: June 4 – June 17

  1. Ricole Runs says:

    WE’RE IN THE SAME VAN!!!!! Goooo Morning Team! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Wow, your interval and tempo paces are really strong! Nice work getting all those miles in on vacation, and so many quality runs. So… guess what I registered for this evening…. eeek! Nervous already!

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