Happy Blog Birthday & Nuun Giveaway!

One year ago today I published my very first blog post on Schnoodles of Fun. It was a race report from my first Olympic Distance triathlon.

I could never have predicted then the journey that this blog would provide over the next 365 days.

It primarily started as a family blog (hence the silly name…that I have a love kind-of-like tolerate/hate relationship with), but I also wanted a place of my own where I could interact in the running/tri/healthy living blog world. Since the fam didn’t show much interest from the beginning (seriously, wtf? I thought my mom would be my MOST LOYAL reader?!), it quickly became less about Brad and I and the dogs and more about ME. (narcissistic much?)

I quickly realized that the primary reason to continue blogging was about the connections. I love being a part of this community where I make connections with people from all over the country. Even more, I love the idea that I can go to a race or travel to a new city and meet the people in person.

Because that part of blogging is so important to me, I think it is fitting that as Schnoodles of Fun celebrates its first birthday, I am on the cusp of  flying out West to run the Hood-to-Coast Relay with Team Nuun and getting to meet 36 amazing women runners and bloggers.

Getting this opportunity, as part of this blog, has far exceeded any expectations that I had for Schnoodles of FunI have said before how unbelievably grateful I am to be a part of this group of women and I seriously cannot express how excited I am. It still seems a little surreal and I still have to admit that I am a little surprised that Nuun chose me, among all of the amazing applications and blogs. (In case you are interested, the link to my app is here)

And on top of that, I truly LOVE Nuun. I love the subtle, but sweet taste. I love that it is low calorie (less than 8 calories per tab). I love that I can carry it around in my purse, gym bag or bento (on my bike) and put it in any reusable glass or water bottle. I love that I don’t get headaches after my long runs anymore. I love that I finally didn’t cramp during the Houston marathon (for the first time) when I used it. I also love that Nuun is a small start-up company, with people who are passionate about hydration, sports & the outdoors, taking on the “big guys” who have been selling sugar-filled drinks for decades.

And because I love Nuun so much, to celebrate Schnoodles of Fun turning one, I want to share my favorite hydration product with YOU!! 

Please leave a comment and tell me if you have tried Nuun, what is your favorite flavor? Or If you haven’t tried Nuun, what flavor do you think you would like to try?

Two winners will receive an awesome Nuun Water Bottle (I love mine!) as well as a tube of Nuun Active Hydration AND a tube of Nuun All Day (all-natural, vitamin-packed and great for kids!).

I usually like to keep these simple with only one entry per person, but I would love for everyone to help me share the Nuun love, so for additional entries, please leave a separate comment telling me you did one of these things:

  • Follow @nuunhydration on Twitter (or let me know if you already do)
  • Like Nuun Hydration on Facebook (or let me know if you already do)
  • Tweet about the giveaway. Feel free to be creative if you want or simply use this: “Want to stay hydrated? Check out this giveaway from @nuunhydration & @coreymarie13: http://wp.me/p1Ln9h-uR”

I wish I had enough Nuun and bottles to share with everyone! Since I don’t, I can still share the love with a coupon code! Use “bloggerslovenuun” to get 15% off at shop.nuun.com.

The giveaway will run until Tuesday, August 7th at Noon EST. I will pick a winner and notify them here (through the blog), email and/or Twitter. 

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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59 Responses to Happy Blog Birthday & Nuun Giveaway!

  1. Ah, I just ordered a big shipment from nuun, wish I had had the discount code then!! I love all Nuun. And I love your blog. I also love the term “tolerate/hate relationship” hahahaha. You are amazing.

  2. LizzieRogueRunner says:

    Also I follow nuun on twitter. Also, what the heck is with my name on the above comment? such a spaz

  3. Lindsey says:

    Happy blog birthday!! My favorite flavor is Strawberry Lemonade, and I’m gonna be sad if it ever goes away. Also, I already follow them on Twitter.

    • Corey says:

      Hey Lindsey! I forgot to include in the post to leave the twitter stuff as separate comments, but I updated the post now! I will consider this response to you here as your 2nd entry 🙂 No need to respond or comment again. Good luck!

  4. Happy blog birthday!!!!! I love following you and reading all of your recaps and agree with everything you said about the blogging community! And what a fun giveaway! I love Nuun and am still making my way through flavors….I want to try orange and banana next 🙂

  5. Following on Twitter and Liked on Facebook! We’d love to do a giveaway of ENERGYbits (energybits.com) on your blog too!

  6. emily says:

    I really want to try the strawberry lemonade.

  7. emily says:

    I follow Nuun on Twitter!

  8. emily says:

    I also like Nuun on Facebook. Wee!

  9. Claire says:

    I love the fruit punch flavor!!! Not too sweet.

  10. Claire says:

    Tweeted! 🙂

  11. Emily says:

    I love Nuun but it is a little out of my price range!! It is the only thing my stomach can tolerate (blood sugar issues = bad news for marathon training). I would love to try the strawberry lemonade!

  12. Emily says:

    I follow them on twitter

  13. Emily says:

    And I like them on Facebook

  14. Denise P. says:

    I’ve tried the natural version – I think the Goji/Berry flavor or something. I know I’ve tried samples at an expo but I can remember which ones. I just bought the Kona Cola and that one just doesn’t work for me. I think I’d like the Tropical and the Fruit Punch. I think I want to try and incorporate it into my running/cycling to see if it solves some indigestion I’ve been having.

  15. Denise P. says:

    I’m now following nuunhydration on Twitter. (Thought I already was thanks to all you bloggers running HTC)

  16. Jordan D says:

    I absolutely love Nuun, especially the tri-berry and cucumber mint flavors!

  17. Jordan D says:

    I follow Nuun on twitter already

  18. Jordan D says:

    I like them on facebook, too

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  20. Laura says:

    Happy blog birthday!! Yep- tried Nuun, thanks to you… not sure if I have a favorite flavor yet, I’m still experimenting with all the options.

  21. Laura says:

    Following them on Twitter!

  22. Amalia says:

    I like nuun hydration on Facebook and follow them on twitter!! I don’t know if your contest is open to people in Canada but I hope so because I have never had nuun (they don’t ship it here or sell it in Canada!)

    I’m dying to try it! 🙂

  23. Holly says:

    I just found out this morning that I lost my NUUN waterbottle, Boo!!! It was my favorite! My favorite NUUN is lemon+lime 🙂

  24. Holly says:

    I follow NUUN on twitter!

  25. Holly says:

    I follow NUUN on facebook!

  26. Holly says:

    I tweeted the giveaway!

  27. bethp262 says:

    I love lemon tea Nuun!

  28. bethp262 says:

    I follow nuun on twitter!

  29. teabagginit says:

    I “like” nuun on fb!

  30. teabagginit says:

    i follow nuun on twitter (@teabagginit)

  31. Holly says:

    I follow Nuun on Twitter

  32. teabagginit says:

    i tweeted (@teabagginit)

  33. My favorite now is Orange. I really want to try the Kona Colada! Happy Blog Birthday!

  34. I have never tried Nuun, but I think I would like to try tropical 🙂

  35. I follow Nuun on twitter (as @envigeurfitness)

  36. I “liked” Nuun on Facebook

  37. I also tweeted about the giveaway (as @envigeurfitness)

  38. Ashley Tammaro says:

    I’m training for my first half marathon and have been looking for different ways to stay hydrated. Hydrating and overheating in the hottest summer I can remember up in NY are my two main issues! I grew up swimming competitively and don’t remember having these issues! Running is something I always hoped I could get into but im having trouble getting over these two hurdles. It feels like I’m struggling to run rather than getting into it and enjoying it. I would love to try out the Nuun lemon lime or fruit punch and hope it helps with my hydration problems!

  39. Ashley Tammaro says:

    I follow Nuun on twitter

  40. Ashley Tammaro says:

    I like Nuun on facebook

  41. Ashley Tammaro says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway

  42. chasingthekenyans says:

    Happy blog-iversary! If brad gets upset he can just start his own 😉

  43. matt verley says:

    Hey I’ve heard a lot about this stuff so is like to try it. Marathon training is in full swing, 60+ miles/week now so I need to stay hydrated!

  44. matt verley says:

    Ok and I tweeted about it too 🙂

  45. Chuck Swanson says:

    I tried the Nuun orange flavor tablets & they were just okay. I love strawberry, cherry or watermelon flavored items the best so I would love to try something close to those flavors if it’s available. I liked the Nuun tablets I used just wasn’t a huge fan of the flavor. Thx for the opportunity with your contest, Congrats on 1 year and keep on keeping on!!

  46. Chuck Swanson says:

    I am tweeting about your contest too!!

  47. EEEK, talk about coming in just under the wire…you KNOW i love me some NUUN too. currently my favorite flavor is tri berry (orange is a close 2nd) for training. For “serious” drinking, i love strawberry lemonade b/c it mixes so well (hyrationlibations for the win)!

  48. of course i follow @nuunhydration (and @runhydrated- does that get me an extra chance at winning 🙂 )

  49. NUUN lovin’ on FB is already done too…

  50. tweet about contest going out in 3.2.1…

  51. Ash K says:

    I have not tried nuun yet! I sell it all the time and I am HOPING to try the cola flavored kind, as well as the tri-berry in the very near future 😀 xo, Ash

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