Weekly Recap: The Aftermath

Countdown to B2B: 8 weeks

We interrupt the regularly scheduled Hood to Coast post for a little weekly training update…
The theme of this week was lack of motivation. After returning from the most amazing weekend ever, it was really hard to get back into a routine and training. I ended up taking Monday and Tuesday completely off, but (thanks to some much-needed training dates with friends) I was able salvage somewhat of a decent training week.

Monday – OFF: Unexpected travel day due to missed flight on Sunday morning. I definitely could have gotten my butt in gear in the afternoon and done something but in my post HTC depression, I chose to eat candy and hang out at the park instead.

Tuesday – OFF: Was still so tired and lacking motivation. Definitely would have felt better if I would have just done something but I was still moping around mourning the weekend being over.

Wednesday – Speed: 5.5 mile run w/64×1200 + 25 mile ride, ~1:30 (16.5 mph) + Master’s Swim: The only way to cure the motivation problem was to recruit some workout buddies. I met Char at the track for speed work before work and Jenni after work for a ride that was supposed to be followed by a swim.

The speed work was ugly. I figured I would take the first few 1200’s easy to see how I felt then aim for a goal time around 5:05. Yeah, um, didn’t happen. I felt worse as we went and only ended up with 4×1200: 5:18, 5:14, 5:12, 5:21.

Despite the weather threatening rain all day, we were able to get out on the bike and stay dry the whole time. The ride was redeeming after the morning run and it actually felt really good to be back on my bike. Jenni and I did alot of chatting and rode a great rolling route.

Unfortunately after the bike, we headed to the pool, only to find out that it was closed due to thunder. We waited around for a while, but the time kept getting pushed back so we called it a night headed home.

Thursday – Brick: 16.2 mile ride, ~1:00 (16.2 mph) + 2.5 mile run, 20:30 (8:11 min/mile): Welcome back to the humidity! My legs were definitely still a little sluggish on the bike, but felt a ton better on the run. I felt like my turnover was better and felt much lighter on my feet than the day before.

Friday – 7 miles w/ 5 4@ 7:35 min/mile + wake boarding! : Ran the first two nice and easy with my friend, Heather (who is training for her 2nd half marathon!) and our pups, then went off on my own for the tempo. It was a pretty hilly out and back and since we started at almost 9 a.m. on a hot day and I forgot my handheld, I ended up with only 4 tempo miles instead of 5: 7:41, 7:29, 7:23, 7:28.

Got some bonus workouts in on the lake! Man, does wake boarding make me sore in places I never knew could be sore!

Saturday – 50 mile bike, ~2:52 (17.2 mph w/ 3100+ ft of climbing!!) : Char and Jesse brought their bikes to the lake and were awesome troopers to join me on this HILLY ride instead of sleeping in and enjoying a relaxing lake morning. We were pleasantly surprised with how solid the pace was, despite the crazy hills. My legs were definitely feeling this all day

Sunday – 9.53 mile run (8:32 min/mile) + 30 min OWS (1600 m?) : Once again I am amazed by my friends being so willing to tough out miles with me, when they could be doing so many other (restful) things! Char got up early and joined me for more hilly miles…this time on foot. We slogged through the humidity and decided that 9.5 definitely rounded up to the 10 that were on the schedule.

  • Swim =1750 yds
  • Bike = 91.2 miles
  • Run = 24.5 miles
  • Time = 9 hrs. 30 min.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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