Rained Out

Last night I tweeted this:

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I was fully aware that it was supposed to be rainy and windy this morning for my run. But I actually generally like running in the rain, and have run in the rain more times than I can count in recent weeks, so I laid out clothes accordingly and went to bed.


Yep…there it is. According to the training journal, lots of rainy runs!

I got up this morning at 5 and immediately looked out the window. It didn’t appear to be raining very hard, so I got dressed, ate a picky bar and leashed up Walter to head out. Then I opened the front door…

And immediately, I saw how gross it was and decided that it wasn’t a good day for Walter to run with me. He was all psyched up (read: going crazy) so it stunk to stick him back inside and shut the door in his face, but it wasn’t fair to subject him to those conditions.

I stepped back outside and walked toward the street. I didn’t get 50 yards from my house before I decided that it would be absolutely miserable to run 14-miles in that weather. It was pouring, windy and 33*. I can do any 2 of those three things, but that combo was no good.

My first thought was to go ahead and do my easy 6-miler that I had scheduled for tomorrow. Surely I could handle that, right?! But then I remember that I planned a strength training session with that easy run, so I bagged the outside run all together, changed and went to the gym.



I picked a treadmill right in front of the window so that I could remind myself while I was running WHY I was on the treadmill and not outside.This was a wise decision because until I continued to watch the gym parking lot get flooded and the rain coming in sideways at times, I was beating myself up a little for “wimping out”.

When I question running in rainy, windy or any other not-so-ideal conditions, I always ask myself what I would do if those conditions were present on race day? Of course, I would race in them, so why wouldn’t I try to prepare myself by training in them? So needless to say, I was a bit disappointed in myself at first for not sticking with the original plan. I mean I was already dressed and out the door. But, in the end, I also know that I need to train smart as well as hard. And chancing a fall or blisters because of wet feet or just being downright miserable for 2 hours wasn’t really worth it. And fortunately this week’s schedule allowed me to shift some things around easily and not throw off the general goals for the week.

I ended the day with 6 easy miles on the treadmill and a really good upper body strength training session. And tomorrow…I will be tackling my mid-week medium long run :).

P.S. Of course, as I sit here at work, looking out the window, the rain has stopped.

I am curious to know what you all would have done in the same situation? Run outside? Bag it and hit the TM? Go back to bed?

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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13 Responses to Rained Out

  1. Stephanie says:

    I am a huge wimp! If it was that cold and raining and I was trying to get up in the morning to run, I wouldn’t have even made it out of bed, hahahaha. If I did manage to wake up, I DEFINITELY would have gone to the gym. I am impressed that you even tried to run in the first place!!!

  2. carotabi says:

    I would have turned around and head to the gym
    I went out once in that kind of weather
    10 miles. I was so miserable and I ended up sick and not able to run for 3 or 4 days

    • Corey says:

      Yikes! Thanks for validating me…I guess I never thought about how I could also really squash the immune system in that weather!! P.S. Hope your tooth is feeling better after your root canal yesterday!!!

  3. Steph says:

    Honestly…I would not have run outside in this weather, no way! I didn’t even want to drive to work this morning! Probably, I would have gone back to bed, so I’m pretty impressed that you stuck it out and headed to the gym! I know everyone says that you should train for any kind of weather on race day, but I figure it’s easier to suck it up one day on race day than have to deal with training in crappy weather all the time. Blech! It makes running un-fun.

  4. Terzah says:

    Rain…wind…..no thanks (when I have a choice). I had to flip some runs around last week, too, and it all comes out in the wash. You certainly didn’t wimp out. It’s not wimping out if it gets done!

  5. Holly says:

    Ugh…the rain is miserable to run in! BUT if I have someone willing to tough it out and run with me, I would rather run in the rain than hit the treadmill! Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain while you are out here in OR!

  6. Ugggh! I can’t stand running in these conditions. And I’m from Portland, Oregon where we usually have these kind of conditions all winter. Not this winter though…sounds like you got some of our weather. WE’ve had sunshine and mostly dry to moderately rainy. Please tell me t hat I’m not coming to an area where it is worse than Portland in the winter. I would have hit TM. You know, on race day I’d race in that, yes! BUT, you want to make it to race day healthy and strong. So this means making the call during training about what kinds of elements you’re going to put yourself through. I think you made the right choice…rain and close to freezing…I’m sure you’re body thanks you. 😉 But most Portlanders would probably disagree with me. Good job being flexible. And I could totally see things from your dog’s perspective. What a bummer. 🙂

  7. bahhhaaa I love that, I can do 2 of those but not all 3, so agree. I’ve gotten kind of wussy about the rain because I like having my ipod, but otherwise I don’t mind it…now cold as hell and wet and windy is just no fun.

  8. Having terrible rainy weather is my biggest race fear! Or at least one of them…. I used to run in anything and I’ve definitely become to reliant on the treadmill and have to make a point to go outside now – it’s a complete reversal and still surprises me when I say I love the treadmill!

  9. elizabeth says:

    i would’ve headed to the gym or post poned it. there were times i trained in the rain-TNT is big on the “train no matter what” so I ran many TNT training runs that way. And, I ran 18 miles of the Wineglass Marathon in a downpour. I think as long as you’ve run in the rain (for race experience just in case), you’re totally okay to bail on a training run. you know what it feels like already, why make yourself cold, wet and miserable again 🙂

  10. What I’m impressed by is that you still went to the gym after calling off the outside workout! Dealing with that nasty weather sounds like it was absolutely not worth it – you’d probably just end up sick and what good would that do?!

  11. I have the worst time convincing myself to run in the rain. Love that you picked a treadmill right by the window… I hate treadmills too, so that’s a smart way to deal with it! Catching up after our trip- but your training week looks awesome!

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