One Month

In one month from today I will be running 26.2 miles through Eugene, OR.

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To say I am excited is an understatement. I CANNOT WAIT. Of course I am nervous as hell too. And a little terrified of the pain and ecstatic about that feeling of crossing the finish line. And beyond thrilled for the reunion with friends from all over the country…


Including 5 of My “Team Brunch” Nuun Teammates!

I have trained harder for this race than I have ever trained for a marathon before. I am a one (maybe two this year) marathon a year kind of runner, therefore I put all of my of eggs in one lonely basket (timely Easter reference?). I have a lot invested in this training cycle and I know that if things don’t go well on April 28th, I will be heartbroken. I truly do believe my body will be prepared to run a big PR and I will continue to focus on that and not the outside factors that I can’t control.

So what will the next month bring?

  • After this weekend’s long run, I will have one more big week of peak training, then I will  taper. I plan to cut back about 20% of my mileage the first week, then another 20% the following week, then race week will be all about easy miles and a short “dress rehearsal”.
  • I will do everything I can to stay healthy. I have mentioned this before, but my right hip, glute and hamstring have been super tight since very early in this training cycle. It doesn’t hurt when I run, but usually feels sore & tight after sitting at my desk all day. Yoga has been helpful and I have gotten a deep tissue massage about once a month. I got another one yesterday. It hurts like hell and I swear, Kelly, my massage therapist is a masochist, but it works wonders!
  • I will give a baby shower for my very good friend and neighbor. Among a number of other small things, I am responsible for decorations (Hello, Pinterest), cupcakes and booze (fitting). I am so happy I could be part of this before I move, since I won’t be as involved with her and the baby as I would have been if we stayed in Greenville.
  • In the next month I will pack up my life and move it to another state. (Or more accurately, movers will pack up our home and transport everything and I will get in my car with a suitcase and drive 750 miles).
  • I will say goodbye to some amazing friends and neighbors and leave behind a place that Brad & I have called home for the last 5 years…The city where we lived when we got engaged, got our first puppy, got married, got our second dog and continued to build our lives together.
  • I will sign on the dotted line (correction: lots of dotted lines) to sell the home we have lived in for the last 2 1/2 years, then will most likely give my husband power of attorney so that he can sign for both of us to buy a new home (while I am on a plane to Oregon).

I am strangely still calm about everything that is happening. It’s hard to be stressed about other things when my mind can’t focus on much more than the next run and getting to April 28th healthy and ready to run marathon #4.

What’s your best advice for me in the next 30 days?!

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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12 Responses to One Month

  1. How exciting! I am training for my first marathon, too, so having not been there yet, I don’t have much advice to offer! I did want to wish you the best though! I look forward to hearing about it when it’s all said and done!

  2. nicole kesten says:

    This next month will be a blur! Exciting you will have so many friends present for your full.

  3. So many big things coming for you! I can’t believe the marathon is only one month away… you’re almost at your taper! My only advice is cliche, but true… trust your training and go in with confidence, but stick to your plan and start conservatively. Excited for you!

  4. fullrunner says:

    I don’t have any advice since I’ve never bought /sold a house, nor am I a seasoned marathoner, but I hope everything continues smoothly for you – both on the road to Chicago and Eugene 🙂

  5. oh man we are in such similar places with races coming up and moving…cept I am making it easier by doing a half 🙂 I was calm a few weeks ago…this week freaking out a little which means I’ll probably be fine next week hehe. way to handle it all one thing at a time!

  6. Terzah says:

    I can’t believe it’s only a month away. I don’t feel ready at all (and I don’t have nearly as much going on as you do–in fact my big week of “other stuff” will be over after Sunday). I definitely do think you are ready training-wise–you just need to minimize your stress as much as possible and take care of yourself.

    My plan is just to concentrate on making the training go as well as possible, on keeping my diet clean and my sleep as plentiful as possible and not stressing myself out about the goal. No matter what happens at this race, I will learn something–I always do. :^)

  7. I am SO excited for you!!!!! You are going to rock this race and your training will pay off.

    Here are my tips for the next 30 days:
    -get as much sleep as possible
    -buy some emergen c and take one a day (I got sick right before my race and would wish that upon no one!)
    -get a couple massages
    -lots of water
    – visualize the finish on your runs

    Good luck to you! And take care of yourself 🙂

    • Corey says:

      I love these tips! Especially 1. SLEEP (not something I have thought much about) and 2. Taking emergen-C or airborne every day. I have nightmares about getting sick right before the race!! Thank you!!

  8. lschwecherl says:

    I’m actually reading the book Daring Greatly right now, which talks about how even if everything is going great, people tend to expect the worst. BUT! There’s no need to! It seems like nothing but exciting things are happening, so stay pumped. Have an awesome peak/taper, and move (!!), and I’ll seeee you in Oregon!

  9. Lauren says:

    I’m so excited for you!! I really can’t wait to see how you do in Eugene (as hokey as that may sound). You’ve put in the training…now is the time when all your hard work will pay off. I don’t have any great advice, except to stay calm and trust your training. Good luck with this last big week of marathon training, the move, and everything else you have going on!

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  11. elizabeth says:

    you seem to have it all planned out! i think you just need to take one day at a time and relax. you’ve done the training, get some massages, have some fun, and run your ass off at the end of the month. 🙂

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