USAT Nationals Week 2: Jumping Back In

9 weeks to go…

I stopped doing weekly recaps of my training last year after Beach 2 Battleship. I sort of felt like it was just boring reading (and writing) about for marathon training. I still am never sure what people think about reading about a week’s worth of workouts, but tri training at least feels like it has more variety. Plus, I like following the training of others, so maybe you like to follow too?

I am starting with week 2 of my 10-week cram session because last week was pretty light as I recovered from Bayshore.

Monday – 2800 m Masters Swim + 5M Run, 8:40 min/mile

This was my 3rd time back at Masters after not being in the pool for nearly 8 months. I am having a hard time dragging myself out of bed to get there because I am really not having fun in the pool yet. I swim in a lane with all old men and continue to get my ass kicked. In my defense, they all wear either fins or paddles, but c’mon, I gotta keep up!

In an effort to try to make some new running friends, I headed over to the Fleet Feet fun run after work. I chatted with Twitter buddy, Tim, before everyone headed out. Most people knew each other and took off in pairs or small groups. Luckily I grabbed Felicia, who was also by herself, and we ran together. Our paces matched up nicely and we chatted away, even continuing the conversation over a beer and exchanging numbers. Mission accomplished! She is training for Chicago and ran a 3:46 AT HER FIRST MARATHON last fall!

Tuesday – 1:25 Ride on Lake Front Path, 23.1M, ~16.6 mph

Me: “Wow, I am really cruising along. My bike fitness must be coming back much faster than I thought.” Then I reached the halfway point and turned around…and WIND. The ride back was pretty brutal and brought the average way down. Plus, all the slowing for pedestrians, slower bikers and runners on the trail is brutal. I am definitely in search of better riding options in Chicago.

Wednesday – 2800 m Masters Swim + Yoga

I had glimpses of my old swimming self in the pool for the first time. I get tired after about 1500 or more than 100 m straight and it all goes downhill, but I am just trying to keep plugging away.

Thursday – 1:10 Ride w/9 x 1:00 speed intervals, 15M + 5M Easy Run, 8:40 min/mile

It rained all morning and as I saw that the day was slipping away without me getting my ride in, I finally decided to hop on the trainer. I watched Monday’s Bachelorette episode and sweated my tail off. The intervals kicked my arse.

I got to run with Megan while she was in town for Ragnar Chicago. We headed over the Lake Front and ran south. When we turned around and headed back, we were hit with a nasty headwind. I am definitely not used to the Chicago winds yet. My hamstring was still a little tight but definitely felt better than Monday.

Friday – Masters Swim + Yoga

Getting myself out of bed was yet again a huge struggle. Once I get there, it goes by pretty fast and I am glad I went, but I have to find a way to get excited about it! I definitely felt stronger than the first few swims though, so there is progress!

Why can’t I seem to make yoga happen at home? I need to join a studio. Or a gym.

Saturday – 2:12 Ride, 37.5M, 17.1 mph

I got up really early (5 a.m.) hoping to be out on the Lakefront Path before the Saturday morning rush. It wasn’t bad on the way out, but by the time I was headed back north toward my house, it was crowded. I was still able to get a solid ride but I definitely need to put in some effort to finding new places to ride.

photo (36)

I still haven’t gotten tired of this view on my ride

After the ride, I hung out with Megan almost all day at the Ragnar finish line!


Sunday – 5.75 M Run, 8:20 min/mile + Yoga

I had a “blind” running date with Kate, friend of Allison’s, and it was great! Kate is also training for NYC and building her mileage back up after having a baby last year. We are a good pace match and I look forward to many more miles with her. So few runs and marathon recovery has left me sluggish and my hammy was still a little tight but it seems to be improving every time I run.

Whyyyy do I have no discipline/motivation for yoga lately? THREE times this week it was on my schedule and I didn’t do it once!


  • Swim = 8200 m
  • Bike = 76M
  • Run = 15.75M
  • Time = 9 hours 50 min.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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4 Responses to USAT Nationals Week 2: Jumping Back In

  1. Megan says:

    It was SO good to see you! I wish we could train together, it would be so fun!

  2. I like the week’s worth of workouts! Can’t believe you’re back at it already, didn’t you just run two marathons? 🙂

  3. elizabeth says:

    so many fun things-training again, megan, new peeps! and that view! can’t wait to come and visit. xoxo

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