USAT Nationals Week 5: Gothenburg

6 weeks to go…

Coming off of the illness over the weekend, I wasn’t really sure what to expect for this week. Fortunately, after Monday, I was feeling pretty good and got some decent workouts in before the race on Saturday. The overall volume for the week was pretty low, but with Saturday’s race, that was a bit expected.

Monday – 1:30 Stationary Bike, 26.4M, 17.6 mph 

I would have loved to run as it was a beautiful morning and I missed Sunday’s run, but I just wasn’t sure if my body was ready for that kind of activity yet. Plus, I didn’t know what would be available at the new hotel for the rest of the week, so I got on the bike while I could. I felt okay, but not great.

Tuesday – 20 min yoga + Run 50 min, 5.5M, 9:00 min/mile

My work team took an overnight cruise/ferry from Germany to Sweden on Monday evening. When I woke up, I didn’t have access to a gym or anywhere to run, so I finally had the motivation to do a little yoga. I always feel so good afterward.

photo (40)

The view from my cabin on the ship.

After our meetings, my colleague, Maxine, and I went for a run through Gothenburg. We stayed together until we got to a great park, split up for a bit, then finished up together back to the hotel. It was nice to squeeze in a few miles between a long day of meetings and another big dinner.

photo (42)

The Sunset (at 10:30 p.m.) walking back to our hotel after dinner. iPhone pics don’t do it justice.

Wednesday – 1700 m swim

Max found a public 50 m pool about a 15 min walk from our hotel. By the time we got there and in the pool, we only had about 30 minutes to swim, but I was happy to get in the pool during a travel week.

Thursday – 7M run, 8:30 min/mile

Such an amazing run. Not fast, not super far (although the furthest since Bayshore), but just a beautiful morning and a beautiful route through Gothenburg and its parks. I introduced my legs to some hills again for the first time since we moved from Greenville. It burned, but they eventually remembered what it was like to push up and coast down.

I would love to have squeezed in a swim Thursday afternoon too. There was a chance our meeting would get finished early, but we went until the end of the day so I only got the one swim in on the trip.

Friday – OFF

Traveled back from Sweden to Chicago then from Chicago to Morton. I hoped to get in some kind of workout at some point, but with all the travel, I couldn’t squeeze it in. Maybe not such a bad thing since my legs felt fresh for Saturday.

Saturday – Eureka Lake Duathlon

 Sunday – 1:15 Ride, 22.1M, 17.6 mph

After a late night out at a wedding Saturday and an early wake-up to hang out with my nieces before they left town, I was pretty tired Sunday morning. I napped for a few hours after everyone left, cuddled with the pups on the couch then watched a movie with Brad. Finally when Brad headed back to Chicago, I dragged myself off the couch for a ride. It turned out to be a good ride because it was REALLY nice to be out on country roads, rather than on the Lake Front Path in Chicago.


  • Swim = 1700 m (blah)
  • Bike = 63 miles
  • Run = 18 miles
  • Time = 6 hours, 45 min.

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I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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