My Bike is Gone

Last Saturday night, Brad and I went to dinner with some friends and came home around 10:30. I drove because Brad had a few beers at dinner (I had a race the next day). And because I drove and was on the far side of the car, I was the last one out of the garage. Usually the last person closes the garage door.

I didn’t.

We went in the living room and watched TV for a little bit, then just before 11, we were getting ready to head to bed. I went to the alarm panel to set the alarm and it said ‘Zone Faulted: “overhead light in garage”‘. I read it aloud to Brad and he said…”Oh shoot! The garage door must be open! Go close it!” So I ran to the garage, opened the door and immediately my eyes went to wear my bike hangs. And sure enough…It was gone. 

photo (51)

Just a lonely empty bike holder.

I screamed to Brad, “MY BIKE IS GONE,” and he came running. In a short 30 minutes, someone came down our alley and stole my bike right out of the garage. I was devastated. I called the police right away, knowing I would need a police report for insurance purposes. I am sure they get reports like this everyday, so other than going through the proper processes, they weren’t that interested in my situation.

That night I tossed and turned and fretted. I was worried about my race this weekend, about USAT Nationals, about finding a new bike and mostly being sad and angry at my carelessness and whoever would do this. Brad assured me that it would be okay. I could get a new, nicer bike. An upgrade.

But all I could think was I don’t want a new bike. I want MY bike.

My Bike

When I originally got it in 2010

I have spent three years getting just the right upgrades and accessories (including my Garmin Edge and cadence sensor that were both on it at the time) to make it perfect for me. I had a professional fit earlier this summer and it has never felt better or more comfortable. Plus, considering being in a crash last year and a few falling-off-a-moving-car mishaps with no major damage, that bike was lucky. I had kind of nicknamed it that and always knew, even if I ever got a tri bike someday, that I would never sell it.

new bike

With aero bars and other component upgrades

Despite my sadness and not really wanting a new bike, with upcoming races, I had to get out shopping quickly. Buying a new bike is the last thing that I would ever normally want to do impulsively, but if I wanted to race, I didn’t have much choice. (I don’t know a single person in Chicago who I could borrow a bike from).

I knew I would go to a tri bike instead of a road bike this time, so that was where I started. Then I consulted my friends, Char & Jesse. They told me what brands/models they would look at, what I should look for, what components are best value, etc. They gave me fantastic advice. And fortunately, being in Chicago, I had access most of the major brands at bike shops within a 2 mile radius of my house.

If you don’t know or want to know anything about bikes, go ahead and skip this part. It probably won’t be interesting to you! 

I set out Sunday early afternoon for some test rides. I quickly discovered that I wouldn’t get to ride a Felt or Cervelo because of the policy of the shop that sells them (no test rides?!). So I moved on to Element Multisport where I tried a Trek Speed Concept 7.0, Argon 18 E-112 and a BMC TimeMachine (TM02). I liked the Argon 18 a lot, but I REALLY loved the BMC. It felt smooth and fast and it was a good fit. Plus Ed at Element was AMAZING. He is patient, knowledgeable, honest and truly knows bikes. He did not pressure me to buy (in fact he seemed to be convinced that I would like the cheapest of the 3 bikes the most…And I did!) and encouraged me to go ride other brands.

After several hours, I left Element and went on a mission to try to ride a Quintana Roo Lucero and a Cannondale Slice. Unfortunately, I never got to try the Slice because no one had it in my size in stock and while I really liked the Lucero, I didn’t like the SRAM shifters. I could have gone to yet another shop to ride one with Shimano, but there was a deal on the BMC expiring that day (last day of the Tour) so I was short on time. I called Char and fretted over the decision. I hated feeling pressured but didn’t want to miss out on a huge savings. I did like the QR, but also didn’t feel comfortable with the shop and the experience I had there, so ultimately, I went back to Element and bought the BMC.

So friends, here it is…my brand new bike:

photo (52)

I rode it for the first time this morning and my original impression still holds true. It feels smooth and responsive (read: fast). I definitely have some adjusting to do in getting more comfortable on a tri bike vs. my road bike, but in general, I am really happy.

Unfortunately our insurance deductible is absurdly high and so there is going to be no help with buying the new bike. But, it is what it is and I feel very fortunate that I am in a position where I am able to get a new one right away. Despite this whole thing really sucking, I truly do recognize that and appreciate it.

Finally, details on the stolen bike:

  • 2011 Felt ZW6 Size Medium
  • Profile Design Aero Bars
  • Shimano 105 Shifters, 105 Front Derailleur, Ultegra Rear Derailleur, Ultegra Brakes
  • Blue Speedplay Zero Pedals
  • Felt factory saddle from 2012 model ZW6

I am keeping my eye out on Craigslist and other places on the internet to see if it turns up anywhere. Most likely it is sitting is some shitty Pawn Shop around Chicago on sale for a measly $500, which barely covers the cost of the Garmin and aero bars. But if I found it, I would totally do everything I could to get it back because I really, really love that bike.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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22 Responses to My Bike is Gone

  1. That’s the WORST! I feel like cyclists are as attached to their bikes as some people are to their pets. Your bike feels like home. Comforting. To have that taken away and so close to race day must be gut wrenching. 😦 I’m so glad you were able to get a new one though and hopefully it will be good to you on race day!!!

    • Corey says:

      I really like the way you put that…”your bike feels like home.” It is very true. And while I love the new one, it doesn’t quite feel like “home” yet. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

  2. Beth says:

    That sucks so bad….I cannot believe someone came into your garage to steal your bike! However, I am happy for you getting a tri-bike! I love the blue. 🙂

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this 😦 I get nervous with my bikes in the garage as I don’t always remember to close it either. Certainly no fun but luckily you found a good deal on a great bike and hopefully you can recover the other one and then of course beat the crap out of whoever stole it!

  4. Caroline says:

    So sooty this happened, makes me mad. Punks! Pretty sad that we live in a world like that…cannot be home and have your garage opened without risking being robbed.. They has no fear of getting caught….this really sucks. I hope you do find your bike.

  5. Stephanie says:

    This makes me so sad 😦 It’s always so shitty when things like this happen. It’s frustrating and infuriating. But, you’re right, it is what it is and you are lucky to be able to go out and get a new one. I really hope you find it and then give that person a kick in the balls while you’re at it!

  6. Argh!! How frustrating!! I’m so glad you were able to get a new bike that you like, but I would be so upset, too. 😦

  7. Sandy says:

    How sad! I am really sorry to hear this! I left my garage open overnight and everything was taken out of my car including my books for school and other valuables that I leave in my car. I hope you find it!

  8. Aw BOOO!!! The worst! So sorry this happened to you – I hope you get it back! And I hope you also find a place in your heart for your new bike 🙂

  9. fullrunner says:

    How awful that someone stole your bike! Maybe karma will come back around to that thief…
    I hope your new tri bike serves you well with your upcoming races 🙂

  10. elizabeth says:

    omg!!! WTF. so sad for you. people really do suck. I wonder how they sleep at night. hope you fall in love with the new bike soon. i have a feeling it will still be great for the race 🙂

  11. Really sorry abut your loss! I like my bikes better than most of the people I know! 🙂

  12. oh man so sorry!!! I have heard of SO MANY stolen bikes, it’s crazy!! glad you found a new one and maybe this one will just be so much better it was a blessing they took the other 😉

  13. Steph says:

    That is so sad! I would probably cry if someone stole my bike…especially since I would have to beg money off my parents for a new one! I’m with you; I love my bike sooo much.

    I’m glad you found a new one, though. It looks spiffy!

  14. Beth says:

    Oh, that sucks about your bike. It’s so violating when things like that happen. At least there is a happy ending with a pretty new tri bike. Fingers crossed you get your Felt back!

  15. Lauren says:

    Corey – I’m so sorry!! That really, truly sucks. I hate how awful some people are…and it’s really sad to know you can’t keep something safe on your own property.

    I’m glad things worked out with you being able to get a new one (and it sounds awesome!), but I do really hope that your old bike shows up. Crazier things have happened, right?

  16. erin says:

    Worst thing ever! I’m so sorry it happened! Keep searching Craigslist. Even if it doesn’t show up on there in the next couple weeks, it definitely could a few months from now. My bf’s stolen Felt was sold on Craigslist five months later, and thanks to a honest buyer and the power of social media, we found out about it. Anyway, I’m SO happy you already got a new bike… it’s beautiful!

  17. Susie says:

    Oh honey, that is atrocious. I know what it is like to have your bike stolen! The same thing happened to me during my last year of college (and from a video-surveiled parking garage, no less! It was the on time I ever didn’t click the lock, even though the chain was around it, and it was in the blind spot of the cameras). It was by no means as nice a bike as yours, but it was my brother’s, I had fought hard to learn how to ride it properly (I have scars in my shins from the pedal clamps), and I used almost everyday to go see my (now husband) then-boyfriend, not to mention class, etc. people suck.
    I am in the market for a road bike myself and am in Chicago, so ill keep an eye out for you!
    In the mean time, have fun developing a relationship with he new blue eyes girl in your life!

  18. i’m still so sad this happened to you! having something stolen from your home (especially while you’re there) just makes you feel so violated! argh! i also appreciate your bike buying process- even though houston had many bike shops, i would only deal with one. the others just felt shady to me (especially since one of them just tried to upsell me because they thought they could get away with it). i hate you didn’t get a chance to try the slice. that’s what i ride and i LOVE it!! i would have been curious your opinion of it. i also wish i lived close enough to loan you mine…although i’m a shorty so i doubt it would have worked…glad you’re back in the saddle even if it’s not “your” saddle! 🙂

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  20. chasingthekenyans says:

    Grr!! What is wrong with people!! I’m glad you found a new bike and hope you’ve seen the old one turn up somewhere to catch the loser(s)!

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