USAT Nationals Week 9: Holiday Man Tri

2 weeks till race week…

Overall, this was the lowest volume week I have had in 5 weeks. That is primarily because I cut back some of the swim & bike workouts to prepare for Sunday’s race and also because weeks with a long brick vs. a long ride are naturally lower in volume. The exciting news is that this is the biggest mileage running week I have had since May! It is still lower than I feel like I should be 3 weeks into marathon training, but I am trusting my coach and the power of heavy cross training.

Monday – 60 min Easy Run, 7M, 8:18 min/mile

It was actually a bit cooler and overcast than it has been. It’s all relative, of course, but it felt much nicer than the last week or so. I took Walter for the first 20 min or so, then headed back out to finish on my own. The pace may be a bit fastish for a recovery run, but it was a nice, easy, relaxed effort.

Tuesday – OFF: Unplanned Rest

I went to bed Monday night half committed to getting up to swim Tuesday morning. I like my M, W, F swim routine and I wasn’t excited about mixing it up. When the alarm went off, I reset it and took advantage of the opportunity to sleep in, thinking I would move the swim to Wednesday and get a ride in later in the day.

I picked up my new bike at lunch and had full intention of riding it later in the afternoon, but working until after 6, then meeting with our bathroom contractor, then being starving, resulted in me scrapping the ride. Maybe not such a bad thing since it was WINDY and I realized later I haven’t had a complete rest day in (don’t shoot me) 3 1/2 weeks. (WHAT?!)

Wednesday – 5.25 M Speed w/1M @ 6:40 + 1:24 Ride, 24M, 17.2 mph

LOVED the cooler temps that showed up for this run. It was nice to be chilly as I waited for satellites! I felt strong on my one-mile of speed and had a good negative split (3:23, 3:17). Wore the new A5’s on this run and they felt light and fast!

I was super excited to get back from my run and head out on the new ride. The bike feels really responsive and I felt like I had a solid pace without having to work hard. I could feel the difference in the set up of the tri bike because my quads were really tired at the end. Also, the new saddle will take some getting used to…or maybe even replacing if it doesn’t get more comfortable.

Thursday – 60 min Easy Run, 7.2M, 8:19 min/mile

After work Wednesday I headed to Peoria for a quick overnight work trip, so I had the chance to change the scenery on this run. Walter was losing his mind crazy the night before, so even thought it limited my ability to get out on some hills, I took him for the first 30 min., then headed back out to finish the rest. I felt a bit sluggish and slow on this run, despite that the pace didn’t show it.

Friday – 2900 Masters Swim + 1:09 Ride, ~20M, 17.5 mph

Solid swim with lots of short sprints. My favorite!

It rained most of the day, so it was looking like I was going to have to ride indoors later in the evening. After dinner, around 7 p.m. it looked like there was a rain-less window, so I checked the sunset time and headed out to get as many miles as possible before the sun went down. I was really glad to get back out on the bike one more time before Sunday’s race. Although I am still trying to get used to the saddle, I felt more comfortable this time than the first.

Saturday – 20 min Shakeout w/5×100 m strides, 2.75M, 8:21 min/mile

Took Walter and wore the new Brooks Ghosts. Man those suckers are heavy…but comfortable nonetheless. I definitely see the benefit of wearing them for this kind of run. My stride is definitely changed by the shoe I am wearing and I understand how that could help prevent repetitive-type injuries.

Sunday – Holiday Man Mega Sprint Triathlon

(race report coming soon)

  • Swim = 3900 m
  • Bike = 62 miles
  • Run = 26 miles!
  • Time = 8 hours, 15 min.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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3 Responses to USAT Nationals Week 9: Holiday Man Tri

  1. I am so impressed by this training…..I’m tired just thinking about it! But I’m sure it’ll mean great things on race day!

  2. You are nailing your workouts and all that cross training! Hope the tri went well!

  3. elizabeth says:

    you know my jaw dropped on the no rest day thing! woman! you are killing it though, and i’m so happy for you!!

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