USAT Nationals Week 11: Race Week


It was a bit up and down this week. My legs felt far too tired early in the week to be racing my goal triathlon on Saturday. I made some adjustments to the workouts, took a complete day of rest Thursday and had a super light day Friday and by the time Saturday came around, I felt fresh and rested.

Monday – 50 min Easy Run, 5.5M, 8:54 min/mile

Emily and Sarah came into town Sunday night for a Chicago layover in the #sweatygoeswest cross-country road trip. It was a fun little reunion + beers + miles.

photo (54)

When my 6:20 alarm went off, I knew my planned tempo miles weren’t happening. After Saturday and Sunday’s workouts it was probably a good decision anyway, but the bonus was all the miles with Emily along the lake front. Chatting with a friend always >> killing yourself on a tempo on dead legs.

photo (55)

Tuesday – 6.25M Run w/2M Tempo, 8:00 min/mile

I woke feeling rested and ready to run, but my legs had a mind of their own this morning. They were tired and fatigued. I made it through the tempo miles with good paces (7:10, 7:08), but I was counting down the minutes until I was finished.

As a result of the tired legs, I scrapped the planned bike ride. Recovery wins.

Wednesday – 4M Easy Run, 8:39+ 1:15 Easy Ride, 20M, 16.2 mph

Big fat fail on following Coach’s instructions. After I updated the notes from Tuesday’s workout, he changed the calendar to make today complete rest so I could refresh. I didn’t see that until AFTER I did my run and bike. And he was right…I needed rest. I cut my 45 min easy run 10 min short because my legs just felt dead.

I am glad that I got out for an easy ride to test the new saddle though. It was seriously love at first ride. I am 1000 times more comfortable and am actually sitting where I should be on the bike. But that also means I need another quick fit adjustment, so I am glad I figured that out before the weekend. And my legs actually felt pretty decent on the bike.

Thursday – OFF

Took Coach’s advice one day late. Scrapped the planned swim, slept in and just rested.

Friday – Test Swim: 500 m + Shakeout Ride: 15 min, 3.5 miles

They had the swim area open for a test swim, so we got in and did about 500 m. Nothing too crazy, but enough to get a feel for the water temps and to understand how the course was laid out.

We also did a short little shakeout ride from our lunch spot over to the bike drop area. I normally would like to do a short little pick-up in here to get the legs going, but we were on semi-crowded bike paths so we just loosened up and made sure our bikes were ready to roll.

Saturday – USAT Nationals: 2:21:30 (race report coming soon!)

Sunday – OFF


  • Swim = 2000 m
  • Bike = 48.3 miles
  • Run = 22 miles
  • Time = 6 hours, 15 min.

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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2 Responses to USAT Nationals Week 11: Race Week

  1. I so need to come visit you! Hopefully my travel gets a little less crazy in 2014 and I can make it happen. can’t wait for the full report!

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