NYC Marathon Week 9: All the Hillz

7 Weeks to go…

So many good things this week! First, I hit 49.6 miles (totally should have done another 0.4). As a former (very) low mileage runner, 50 is still a milestone for me when it happens and I was so close! We went to Greenville this weekend to visit friends and my heart was so happy to be able to do my long run on my old routes, but that also meant all the hills. So combine that with Wednesday’s hill workout and this week really was all about HILLZ.

Monday – Tempo 5 @ 7:10: 9.25M, 7:40 min/mile + yoga

I was nervous going into this workout…

photo (69)

But it works out well to start the week with a tempo because after a Sunday rest day, I am always anxious for a tough workout on Monday. I told myself to just try to relax and settle in to the pace and not go faster than the goal. The first 2 miles were relaxed and smooth. By the third, it felt like it was more effort, but then it didn’t get worse from there. I kind of held on to that “working but not dying” effort for the last 2 (minus a super quick bathroom pit stop after mile 4). Tempo miles: 7:09, 7:07, 7:07, 7:08, 7:03. This is the longest/fastest I have ever tempo’d outside of a race!

I was up WAY early for this run so I could get to yoga with Brad at 6 a.m. and it never fails to be the best way to follow up a hard run.

Tuesday – 1:10 min Easy: 8.35M, 8:23 min/mile

I was excited to see the easy run get a little bump up this week. That means we are building mileage! I had to be in Peoria for work so I stayed with Brad’s parents, which is nice because it’s easy to do a quick 30 min. loop with Walter, then drop him off and finish up. Once I was on my own, I did an out and back on the country roads so I could hit some rolling hills.

Wednesday – 2×1 mile “Big Bertha” repeats @ 10k pace: 7M, 8:04 min/mile + yoga

Derp. So the first thing you should do when attempting a new workout is READ the instructions, right? Coach gave me the option to do a treadmill hill workout (barf) or go to Waterfall Glen and do 2 repeats up Big Bertha (~1 mile hill with three tiers of inclines). I obviously opted for the outdoor option, so Char and I got up early and made the drive down. It was already 80* and absurdly humid at 6 a.m., so after warming up, we ditched our tanks (despite being nerds in matching sports bras) and tackled the repeats. Unfortunately I read the workout wrong and didn’t realize it until I was reporting back on my times. Instead of being at 10k pace, it was actually supposed to be between 10k – 1/2 marathon pace. So while I was killing myself (and Char) trying to truck up the stupid hill at 6:55 min/mile, I should have been running up it between 20 – 30 seconds slower than that. First repeat was 0.7 mi at 7:07 pace. After the first one, I was pretty much toast and was dreading the second one. Second repeat was 0.85 mi at 7:16 (ran through the end a little further). So the second repeat is probably where I should have been afterall, but after going way too hard on the first one, it was definitely more of a survival at that pace than “oh, I hit it right on target”. This workout was HARD. Probably the hardest thing I have done in a really long time. But, I sorta kinda loved it.

photo (70)

Sweaty selfie. I swear we didn’t plan this and didn’t realize it until we were already at WG getting ready to run.

After a somewhat frustrating day of work and yet another day of being in the house with remodel craziness/furniture deliveries, I went to a much needed yoga class that evening. It ended up being the best class I have ever been to. Partly because I really connected with the instructor’s message for the class and partly because I enjoyed her style of teaching. It was amazing and exactly what I needed. I am learning that my yoga practice is similar to my runs in that I have good and bad days in how I feel in my strength, flexibility and balance.

Thursday – OFF

Work, rest and travel to Greenville.

Friday – 2:20 – 2:30: 18M, 8:20 min/mile

I got started a little later than I wanted and thought I would be baking by the end, but I forgot that running in Greenville = SHADE. So despite it being warm, it really wasn’t all that bad. I did chafe to hell from my fuel belt though. I haven’t worn it since we moved to Chicago since there are water fountains everywhere here and I completely forgot Body Glide. I started slow-ish on the hills and tried to get stronger throughout. After mile 11, I told myself to keep all miles <8:20 and the last 3 were 8:02, 7:52, 7:45. I usually try to get my last 2-3 miles of long runs around MGP, but haven’t really had the energy left in most long runs this cycle, so it felt good to finish strong.

Saturday – 60 min Recovery: 7M, 8:48 min/mile

Since I did some flip flopping to get the long run in Friday (so that I wouldn’t have to do it after what I knew would be a late, wine-filled night on Friday), my second easy run followed the long run rather than a rest day. My instructions for this run were to keep it SUPER easy and treat it more like complete recovery vs. a normal “easy” run. The route in the neighborhood where we stayed was absurdly hilly so I tried to keep the effort as easy as possible and just loosen my tight legs.

Sunday – OFF

Totals: 49.6 miles 

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I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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11 Responses to NYC Marathon Week 9: All the Hillz

  1. Stephanie says:

    Wow lady you are speedy and so many miles!!! Good for you you are going to rock it! I will be there cheering!!!

  2. girl you are amazing!! glad you had another wonderful week of training!!

  3. erin says:

    Fantastic week of training! Fifty miles is impressive… so is your pace! Nice work 🙂 I really need to get back to the yoga studio… this week!

  4. Hillary says:

    1) Love the sports bras. People there probably thought you were a badass running team of sweaty models (obvs);
    2) In last month’s issue of Outside Mag, Greenville was listed as a Top 10 places to live and the pics of the running trails had me drooling; and finally
    3) You’re killin’ it!

  5. Such a solid week- awesome tempo, hill workout and long run pace!! I feel the same way about 50 miles- I’ve always run lower mileage and just hit 49 a week ago as well. It’s a big deal for me too! But I can also tell I’m stronger than I was last cycle so that’s exciting.

  6. Jenny says:

    Ok, BADASS week of training! Looks like the hills didn’t slow you down one bit. I love how strong you felt on your tempo–it’s always tough for me to hover at “manageably comfortable”. You’re running so strong!

  7. lschwecherl says:

    GO YOU! You’re killing it! You’re flying.

  8. ErinAMG says:

    ha, love the matchy-matchy going on with Char!

    awesome week of training with alllll da hillz. such good NYC prep (and so good for your body)! you’re going to rock and roll here very soon 🙂 excited to run w you again! & congrats on a mega awesome week!! xo

  9. Stephanie says:

    Wow you are one speedy lady! You are going to be find rest up and you will be back before you know it!

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  11. elizabeth says:

    yall are hilarious. 🙂 love the sports bras. KILLING the hills and your training, woman. really proud of you!

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