NYC Marathon Week 10: Broken

6 Weeks to go…

Definitely not the kind of recap that I would like to be posting at 6 weeks out. Training started slowly in the early weeks and just as I was gaining confidence and building to where I felt like I should be, things came crashing down.

Monday – Tempo 4 @ 7:10: 5.5M, 7:51 min/mile yoga

Ahh. The heartbreaking run.

Tuesday – 1:20 min Easy OFF

Long day of meetings at O’Hare, then a flight out of Midway that night. I really could have used some miles to start this crazy and stressful day.

Wednesday – Speed: 10×400 @ 5k pace OFF

All the wine…


At Whitehall Lane – Tasting #2


At Silver Oak – Tasting #3

Thursday – 1 hr Easy OFF

Drive from Napa to Carmel, then along Hwy 1. on the coast down to Big Sur.


Lunch with a view


Outtakes from a photo opp

Friday – OFF 30 min recumbent bike + 30 min elliptical

I started on the bike, just to warm up the calf and in case the elliptical bothered it at all. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had zero pain on either.

Followed the solid sweat session up with more wine tastings at a wine walk with the bride & groom and family in Carmel.

Saturday – 2:10, w/last 2 Tempo 2:10 elliptical

Not ideal, but also better than nothing, right?

photo (73)

#Proof (?)

Followed by dancing at the beach at the wedding reception all afternoon…

photo (74)

that’s not me dancing though…I swear

Sunday – 40 min Easy, 4M, ~9:00 min/mile

The first 2 miles were great. The second 2 not so much. But at least I got to explore California on foot once before I left.

Totals: 9.5 miles (womp, womp)

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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2 Responses to NYC Marathon Week 10: Broken

  1. glad you at least had a wonderful vacation

  2. elizabeth says:

    need that dress and glad you drank all the wine. 🙂

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