NYC Marathon Week 11: Healing

5 Weeks to go…

I went into this week hopeful that the healing process was well on its way and that by the end of the week I would be running normally again. By midweek, I thought I was well on my way, but then Saturday happened and I was pretty disappointed once again.

Monday – 1 hour Easy: 1 hr Bike, 16M 

After Sunday’s test run fail, I knew I wouldn’t be running again Monday. Then post vacation blues/exhaustion + remodeling craziness almost caused no workout at all. Fortunately it was a beautiful fall day so it was easy to motivate myself to get out for a bike ride on the Lake Front when I could finally squeeze an hour of time out of the afternoon. With only one ride in the last 6 weeks, my butt was definitely not in shape to sit in the saddle. Ouch!

I saw the PT before I left Chicago to drive to Peoria for yet another work trip. She did some ART/Graston and ultrasound on the calf. It was brutal. It hurt so bad that I was biting the pillow, kicking my other foot and sweating. The idea is to get the muscles realigned so they repair properly and to get any scar tissue out that could build up as it heals. She also taped it up to see if that helps with running.

photo (75)

Tuesday – Tempo w/3M @ 7:10: 1:15 Elliptical

After Monday’s appointment Liz recommended that I didn’t try to run again until Wednesday. She thought I would be sore from the treatment and needed to give myself another day. Fortunately being in Peoria means (cheap) access to a one day pass at the gym so I hit the elliptical in the morning before my meetings started.

Wednesday – 1:15 – 1:30 cross 1 hr Easy: 6.5, 8:29 min/mile

I was super nervous to try to run again, but also very happy with how it turned out! Also, Walter was very happy that my injury status is changing because he got to join me for the first 3.5.

Later in the day, he went for a ride with “Grandpa” and this happened…


Always safety first for my boys.

Thursday – Speed: 10×400 @ 5k- 10k pace 1 hr Easy: 7.1M, 8:28 min/mile

This was one of those runs where if I weren’t so freaking grateful to just be running, I would have been counting down the minutes until it were over. My calf felt great – even better than Wednesday, but the rest of my body felt creaky and sluggish. Apparently taking 8 days off of running and then running 2 days in a row is a bit of a shock to the body. I felt like I was running through mud up to my waist. I might have also partly been due to boredom, since I ran the same loops around my in-laws’ neighborhood as the day before so that I could stay on flats and close to home in case the calf started hurting. Close to 4 more miles for Walter on this run too.

Friday – Yoga 

Yikes. After nearly 2 weeks off from yoga, I was very rusty this morning. Everything was tight, my balance was crap and I was struggling to flow smoothly through the poses. Looking forward to getting back to this at least 2 times a week.

Saturday – 2:15 long run: 10M, 8:24 min/mile + 50 min bike trainer

I was VERY excited to get out and run long Saturday morning. I was hopeful that when I took that first step, it would be completely pain free and I would have a magical 16 – 17 mile run. The first 6-7 miles that was basically true. My calf felt good enough that I was able to let my mind wander and not focus on whether it hurt or not. But after running straight into a pretty stiff headwind for a few miles, by mile 8, I was starting to feel it get tighter and more painful. By mile 9.5 I knew I shouldn’t be running through it. I pushed to finish at 10, then walked about 1.5 home. Once I got home I got on the bike trainer so that I could finish the last 50 min. of the workout.

photo (76)

Sweating on the trainer while watching Grey’s on DVR

Needless to say, this was pretty upsetting. I was really sure that I was over this thing and would be running normally again. Fortunately I had some good runner girl distraction that afternoon via boozy milkshakes and a late afternoon brunch with Chanthana, Jenny and Jacqueline.

Sunday – OFF

My calf was pretty sore when I woke up Sunday. I ran a ton of errands and cleaned as we are SUPER close to completing our bathroom and kitchen remodels.

Totals: 24 miles 

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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4 Responses to NYC Marathon Week 11: Healing

  1. fullrunner says:

    I love that picture of Walter- it’s hilarious!
    But on a more somber note, I’m sorry to hear your calf is still giving you issues, I truly hope it gets back to 100% soon!

  2. Char says:

    Love walts pic that’s awesome

  3. ErinAMG says:

    lots of healin’ vibes your way, Corey!! thinking of you 🙂 and ps- great doggie in the booster seat shot. 😀

  4. erin says:

    Keep you head up… you’re doing the right things and will be healed in no time! Graston is so incredibly painful, but it helps a ton. Sending healing vibes 🙂 Also, your pup is adorable!

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