NYC Marathon Week 16: Race Week!

0 Weeks to go…IT’S HERE!

It seems a little silly to post this now that the race report is done and training is over, but figured I would go ahead and finish up the training recaps, and especially since there are lovely pictures in here from how I spent the first few days in NYC!

Monday – 1:00 Easy: 7.15M, 8:24 min/mile

Lunch run after a morning of meetings. And another test of putting my watch on the time screen only. The first couple of miles were all over the place, then I settled in and found a good rhythm right in the 8:18 – 8:24 range. I was completely OVER the wind by the time I was done with this run and wondering how I am going to make it through winter training. (PDR for Walter today = 6.3 miles!)

Tuesday – “Speed” w/1M @ MGP, 2×800 @ 10k pace, 4×400 @ 10k pace: 7.7M, 8:10 min/mile

Theme of my training these days = sleeping in. Fortunately I didn’t have any morning meetings so I headed out around 8:30. The wind was worse than the day before and my ALL CAPS “DO NOT KILL THIS WORKOUT” instructions from coach were in the back of my head as I did the 1M and first 800 right into the wind. I definitely didn’t feel like I was *holding back* on those like he said I should. Once I headed back North and the wind was at my back, it felt much more like I hoped. 1M: 7:48, 800’s: 3:27, 3:26, 400’s: 1:44, 1:41, 1:44, 1:43. It was a little tough to get locked into a pace, especially on the 400’s where I felt like I started too slow, picked it up and then had to back off to not go to fast.

Wednesday – 20 – 25 min Easy: 3M, 8:31 min/mile

Mid morning run. Lucky me that the shortest run I have had in ?? and it was the first day that it wasn’t super windy! I wanted to keep goinggggg!!

Thursday – 20 – 25 min Easy: 3M, 8:18 min/mile

Brad and I had breakfast before he left for a work trip (overnight to Des Moines and then landing and leaving again to NYC Friday!). I started taking my carb loading seriously, so the Belgium waffle I had was sitting heavy in my stomach by the time I went to run a few hours later. Because I am really cool, I got a little Halloween-y for my run.

photo 2 (3)

There was no one else even out on the Lake Front because it was raining, but Walter wore his rain coat, so he was cool too.

photo 1 (1)

He is clearly thrilled to be wearing it too.

Thursday evening I flew to NYC and was a bit delayed and STARVING when I landed so it was after midnight before my head finally hit the pillow.

Friday – OFF

I spent Thursday night with this lovely girl so when I got up Friday, we chatted, I worked for a while and then I headed from Astoria over to the expo and met up with Coach for a quick race strategy session over lunch.

photo 2

Andrea & I…actually taken post-race.

After lunch I expo’d w/Erin & Lynton.

photo 5

Then I had dinner filled with tons of chatting all things running and blogging with Steph, Beth, Abby with a surprise visit by Allison.

nyc girls

Stolen from Steph’s blog

Saturday – 20 min Shakeout w/5×30 sec strides: 3M, 8:18 avg.

I had trouble falling asleep Friday night so I slept in well past 9, then went out for my shakeout. I ran from my hotel over to the West Side Highway, did the striders there and ran back to the hotel. It was MUCH warmer than I expected, but I felt good. Fresh, springy and ready to run.

Sunday – NYC Marathon: 3:33:37

Totals: 50 miles 

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I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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4 Responses to NYC Marathon Week 16: Race Week!

  1. I still get chills reading about the NYCM! What an amazing event, seriously!

  2. Hillary says:

    1) You *are* cool for that Halloween outfit; but 2) Walter is the coolest for his.

  3. That picture of Walter is the cutest thing EVER

  4. elizabeth says:

    omg. walter. seeing him all dressed up is adding to my “want” list of getting a dog. and love your socks 🙂

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