Friday Fun II

I am big on not posting when I have nothing to say, which is why I have essentially been silent for the last few weeks. There are tons of good things going on, just not enough to dedicate one whole post to. So here I am, back with more Friday Fun. This might become a staple in the next few months, since it gives me the place to share the randomness that is life without making all these silly things into a whole post.

1. Christmas Decorations. Every year, I continue to build on my little stash of decorations and I really enjoy making the house festive during the Holidays. Since we have a new home this year, we ran into new decorating challenges (No outdoor outlets! No stocking hooks!). I told Brad last night that I really appreciate him indulging my love for decorating for Christmas as he happily took a trip to Home Depot to get all of the extension cords, etc. that we needed. The results:


photo (87)

2. Old School Saucony. Elizabeth and I drooled over Molly’s cute shoes at Bourbon Chase this year. Then Elizabeth bought some and I was jealous so I put them on my Christmas list. But when I saw a discount code for 20% off of everything at Saucony on Cyber Monday, I ordered them and told Brad, “thanks for the shoes”. I thought I was doing him a favor by giving him one less gift to buy :).

photo (88)

I love!

3. Speed. When Coach updated my running schedule last Sunday, I was stoked to see some speed show up again. It was nothing crazy, just some tempo surges Monday and 3×800 yesterday. Adding some intensity back into my running was awesome! It didn’t feel smooth or fast, as I am still shaking out some rust, but working hard again felt GOOD. I was getting a bit bored with all of the easy running. I was looking forward to each run, but they all just dragged on forever once I was out there. A little speed keeps it fun and interesting.

4. Weird Foot Thing. Based on the title, this one may not seem like it belongs in this post, but let me explain: Two weeks ago, I went for an easy run and had a weird feeling on the top of my foot like my shoe was tied too tight. When it still was sore after the run, I immediately panicked because both Allison and Kara Goucher cited this type of feeling when they each had a stress fracture. Of course, my level of activity definitely did not indicate a stress fracture, but I was nervous (hypochondriac much?). I had my PT look at it and I basically failed all of the stress fracture tests. The next day it felt somewhat better and the following day, there was no pain at all. Ultimately, I think the discomfort was caused by wearing these Keds as part of my 80’s attire the weekend before 🙂

photo 1 (4)

During the Green Bay trip I mentioned in my last Friday Fun post

5. Lunch DateSince Jenny and I both work from home, we have the opportunity to get together for lunch or coffee at random times during the day. When she was in PT, I got to see Jenny almost every week because her physical therapist is around the corner from me. I am very happy she is running healthy again, but it means we haven’t met up in a while so I am more than excited to have lunch with her today!

6. Winter Running Clothes. Maybe it’s because I am new to the super cold/windy running weather, but I get irrationally excited when I nail the appropriate layers on a run. All too often, I seem to be overdressed and wanting to strip off layers or under dressed and freezing, so when I get it just right (Goldilocks anyone?), I am very pleased with myself. Maybe I should start documenting temperature, wind speed and direction (appears to make a huge difference in Chi) and other conditions along with what I wore instead of making it a crap shoot? Last Monday I was so excited about getting it right, I took a selfie to document. 

photo 2 (4)

Those dogs really need to learn to do chores…like make the bed?!

7. Home. After a crazy summer and fall, I am very happy that starting this past Tuesday I will be home for nearly 3 weeks straight. That means sleeping in my very own bed every single night. I haven’t been home for more than 9 days in a row since August and while some of the travel was by choice (and not all work-related), it is still exhausting. I will be enjoying relaxing weekends in Chicago with Brad and friends until we head down to Peoria for a couple of days over Christmas. 

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I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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6 Responses to Friday Fun II

  1. Mom says:

    I love your decorations!

  2. yeahh for time at home!!!! So we haven’t had a tree since moving to Florida and to be honest without that I always feel a little ho hum about decorating! I am really ready to have a house again!! Hope the foot stays feeling good

  3. elizabeth says:

    i love that you are a holiday-a-holic like me.:):) and the stairs look amazing. MUST plan trip when weather does not involve all the layers in running picture above. LOVE that you got the shoes!! phone date soon.

  4. Beth says:

    Love the decorations!!! Enjoy running in layers 🙂 Lululemon has some awesome running pants that you would not have to layer, I think they are called Dog Runner Pant…They are lined with wicking fleece on the inside and a windbreaker material on the outside. They are expensive but worth every dime! That’s what I ran in last week when I was in Chicago.

  5. LOVE the shoes- I have the grey/coral ones and they are so fun! Mine were also Molly inspired- although I believe the inspiration dated back to Eugene 🙂
    Christmas decorations are my FAVORITE and we had similar issues this year- 84 yr old house= no electrical outside! Batch hooked something up to run from an outlet on our pool pump- handy husbands for the win!
    We need to get together soon! Miss you!!!

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