Boston Week 6: Canadian Craziness

10 weeks to go…

Wow. What I thought was going to be a pretty straightforward week for running while traveling turned out to be a bit of a crazy mess with cancelled flights, 4 different hotels and lots of snow.


  • Run: 45 min Easy: 5.5M, 8:24 avg.
  • Strength: None

I flew in from Greenville early Monday morning and had a ton of calls, work and packing to do before I was scheduled to fly out that evening for Halifax. I finally got out to run sometime in the early afternoon. My legs were pretty dead from Saturday, but after 2ish miles they seemed to wake-up and I felt better after the run than before.

I hoped to get a good strength workout in addition to the run but I just ran out of time.


  • Run: 1:00 min Easy: 7M, 8:37 avg.
  • Strength: None

I was on the train to the airport Monday night when my colleague called and said our flight to Halifax was cancelled. We were able to fly to Toronto that night, but instead of having a nice relaxing morning Tuesday, I was on a plane to Halifax from Toronto. With no hotel gym at the airport hotel in Toronto, the only way to run was in the dark, in 5* on the icy sidewalks of the airport industrial area. To avoid getting lost, I ran around a big block 3 times. I couldn’t force myself around again for a 4th loop and since it was getting lighter I was able to do an out and back on another road to finish off the hour. With the cold temps and icy conditions, the effort felt much harder than the pace showed. After the run, I took a quick shower and was off to my flight…no time for strength. Again.


  • Workout: 1:00 Easy: 7M, 8:36 avg.
  • Strength: None.

Finally we were in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island. I debated a treadmill run, because it was so dark and early (before 6 a.m.) in a strange town, but I knew I would be happier if I went outside. It was 11*, but the sidewalks were nice and clear. The little town is very cute so I did loops up and down the quaint downtown and surrounding neighborhoods. There was a fantastic rails-to-trails path with hard packed dirt/snow, but it was too dark to feel safe. Once again, the effort felt much harder than the pace showed and my stomach was a little upset for most of the run. Also, the need for a quick shower before my breakfast meeting prevented any strength work. (seeing a theme here?)


  • Run: Tempo w/2-3M @ 7:10 – 7:20: 6.5M, 7:56 avg.
  • Strength: None.

Wednesday night after our meetings when we were driving back to Halifax, the snow got really bad and we had to stop at a roadside hotel. Fortunately it was brand new, clean and safe. I got up at 4:30 a.m. so we could finish the drive in time to make our 8:45 flight and found out the flight was cancelled. My colleague and I decided to get some more sleep and head to Halifax later in the morning. There was no treadmill (and 10-12″ of snow) so I had to wait until I got back to Halifax to run. Luckily the hotel had a treadmill and I had an extra set of {indoor} running clothes. After the 2+ hour drive, lunch and getting some work done in the afternoon, I finally hit the gym at 5:00. I really despise doing tempos on the treadmill. I always think they feel so much harder than outside. Plus my stomach has really not been right for a few days…maybe all of the rich food? The tempo miles were 7:13, 7:08, 7:03 and I was ready to be done.

Another day with no strength work as I rushed back to my room after the run for another call and a shower before dinner. I probably should have done some strength in my room earlier in the afternoon, but why ruin the streak? it was good to focus and get some work done for a few straight hours with no distractions.


  • Workout: Spin Trainer Ride None
  • Strength: Yoga

I was really looking forward to a lunchtime spin date with Jenny, but since I didn’t fly back into Chicago until 11 a.m. Friday morning, I had to miss it. I still wanted to flush out the legs, but couldn’t muster up the energy to get on my trainer (I was up at 4:30/2:30 Central for my flight!) so I compromised with myself and went to an afternoon yoga class.


  • Run: 2:00 – 2:15 Hilly: 16.25M, 8:17 avg.
  • Strength: None

Jenny, CT and I headed for hills Saturday morning. We went back out to Morton Arboretum and the conditions consisted of mostly hard packed snow which was much better than the last time we went. It was cold, snowing and beautiful, like a winter wonderland. I felt mostly strong, although there were definitely a few down moments. Probably not-so-coincidentally occurring shortly after I took a Gu, but without washing it down with water right away. Then when I would finish the current loop, grab water by my car and collect myself, I seemed to be able to pull out of it. This was a good lesson learned for me…I might need to time the fueling better or carry water. After a long and somewhat stressful week, I was happy to finish the week on a really good note.


  • Workout: OFF
  • Strength: None

Miles: 42

Treadmill runs: 1

Total Runs on the ‘mill this winter: 9

About Corey

I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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3 Responses to Boston Week 6: Canadian Craziness

  1. Solid week even with travel! If you keep this up I’m seeing PR city 🙂

  2. elizabeth says:

    damn, woman. impressed you even got the runs in with that schedule. i swear, every run is harder to me on a treadmill

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