Boston Week 8: Halfway!

8 weeks to go…

Well friends, we are halfway there! This was somewhat of a cutback week for overall mileage and the long run, but it was the longest tempo so far this cycle. Overall, it was a pretty good week but I was lacking a little JOY in my runs until Sunday.


  • Run: 1:00 Easy: 7M, 8:26 avg.
  • Strength: Runner’s World Workout x 1 + 1×15 Single Leg Squat + 1×25 Leg Raises Against the Wall (as warm-up)

What a weird morning. The forecast was for 4-6″ of snow starting late morning, so I planned to get out early. Unfortunately a series of unexpected meetings and work commitments interfered and by the time I was ready to run after lunch, we were getting pounded with snow. I changed into shorts and headed to the gym for easy miles on the ‘mill. I guess I accomplished what I should for an easy run, as my legs felt more loose after than before, but even with Netflix on my iPad, I was bored out of my mind for the hour.

The strength was inadvertently split up so half was before I was originally getting ready to go run outside and the rest was a few hours later before I actually went to the gym.


  • Run: Progressive Tempo Run: 1 & 2@7:30-40, 3 & 4@7:10-20, {optional} 5@sub-7:10 (or maintain): 9.4M, 7:49 avg.
  • Strength: Yoga

Winter warm-up! It was over 30 degrees and super sunny for this run. After a few morning phone calls, I headed out around 9:30. It wasn’t the warmest it would be all day, but I wanted to get out before the wind got too crazy as the day went on. For the first 2 tempo miles I felt like I was jogging, which I learned later was the result of a stronger tail wind than I anticipated. When I turned around for the final 3 (and hardest) tempo miles, I was greeted by a lovely headwind. Amateur move to run with the wind on the way out. I was given the option for a 5th tempo mile “If I felt good” and I went for it. Although I didn’t feel great, I knew that I could push through it and would be happy if I did. Tempo miles: 7:30, 7:28, 7:16, 7:14, 7:11.

I went to an evening yoga class, which helped loosen things up, but was also a little harder than I probably needed after a tough tempo. Fortunately I followed that up with my first ART appointment in a while!


 Jenny and I met at the gym to do a little cross and strength training together. We rode easy in the spin room, which flew by as we chatted the hour away. Then she took me through her strength routine, where I learned that I had been rushing through some of the exercises that I should be doing slowly. As always, I had grandma hips afterwards, but thankfully wasn’t as sore as I was last week. Gym time is always more enjoyable with a friend! 


  • Run: Speed w/2x1M @ 6:35-40: 7.1M, 8:02 avg.
  • Strength: Runner’s World Workout x 1 + 1×15 Single Leg Squat + 1×25 Leg Raises Against the Wall (as warm-up)

You can read all about this workout here.

I originally planned to do yoga as well, but that workout/weather drained the life out of me so I spent the evening on the couch binge watching House of Cards.


  • Workout: OFF
  • Strength: Yoga

I originally planned to take Friday completely off, but after skipping yoga on Thursday, I knew my body would thank me for Friday morning yoga. And it did…I left feeling very centered and refreshed. Namaste.


  • Run: 1:50 Flat: 13.5M, 8:11 avg.
  • Strength: Runner’s World Workout x2 + 2×12 Single Leg Squat + 2×20 Leg Raises Against the Wall (as warm-up)

 It was finally warm (~25*) and dry enough that Walter was able to join me for the first part of this run. We ran 4 miles (and got a side-five from Chanthana as she smoked her long run w/tempo). On the way back to my house, I stepped in a icy puddle up to my ankle so when I took Walter inside, I also changed my shoes and socks. Without too much thought I went from the Fastwitch to the PureCadence and for the first time realized what VERY different shoes they are. I am not sure if it was that or being a little underdressed, but I never really got back in a good rhythm for the rest of the run. I picked up the pace a little around mile 10 and that seemed to help some, but I just felt blah and didn’t enjoy myself at all.


  • Workout: 45 min Easy: 5.1M, 8:50 avg.
  • Strength: None

I really didn’t have a run all week where I truly enjoyed myself. Tuesday’s tempo was okay (but tough) and the others runs weren’t fun for one reason or another. So I was looking forward to just running for my love of running. I took Walter and ran at whatever pace my legs felt like going. I realized after I left the house that I should have left the Garmin at home, but I just ignored it and soaked in the warm sun and running without a purpose for a change. I felt great after finishing.

Miles: 42

Treadmill runs: 1

Total Runs on the ‘mill this winter: 11

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I am a 30-something swim, bike, run addict married to my best friend and in love with my two schnoodle doggies.
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2 Responses to Boston Week 8: Halfway!

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  2. elizabeth says:

    i’m so behind in reading…pretty sure i just wrote a similar post on bleh runs. you always inspire me to do more strength!!

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