Boston Week 11: Toughing it Out

5 weeks (& 1 day) to go…

This is going up a bit late in the week because I wanted to get Sunday’s long run/half marathon recap done before sharing the rest of the week’s training. Last week started out with a really great workout and a little concern over what I now think was just a little niggle. It ended with a couple of tough runs where I had to make a decision to pull back on one and to push through on another. Mileage-wise, it was the biggest week of this cycle yet!


  • Run: Tempo: w/3M @ 7:10 – 7:20: 8M, 7:44 avg.
  • Strength: Runner’s World Workout x 1 + 1×15 Single Leg Squat + 1×25 Leg Raises Against the Wall (as warm-up)

It was mid-40’s and sunny so…SHORTS! Running without all of the winter clothes made me feel like I could fly! After last Saturday’s long run, I swore to myself I would keep the tempo miles in goal range and pull back if any tightness in my calf was still there. I could still feel a little tightness on the warm up, but running faster didn’t bother it at all. In fact, the further I got into the tempo, the more it loosened up. I settled into my tempo pace and it was faster than I planned, but the effort felt almost easy. I kept trying to make a conscious effort to pull back, but my legs kind of locked in: 7:03, 7:02, 6:59. After I finished and switched from my racers back to my heavier shoes to cool down, my calf felt a little tight again. I remembered from last fall that wearing my heavier shoes bothered my right calf too…may just have to ditch those for a while.


  • Run: 1:00 Easy: 7.2M, 8:21
  • Strength: Yoga

Another day warm enough for shorts! Nice and easy run with Walter. There was some lingering tightness/soreness in my calf in the middle miles, but it was off and on then loosened up toward the end. Ironically, it seems to feel the best when I pick up the pace a little.

Yoga was the perfect mix of stretching and work and I felt great afterward.


 After running in shorts two days in a row, this happened overnight:

photo (98)

Fortunately it was a cross-training day and I took this on my way to the gym 🙂 It was a super sweaty spin class and the time went by really fast. I went upstairs for strength training immediately afterward and went through the full workout. I am definitely feeling like my glutes and hips are getting stronger, as I am able to hold form and control movement much better than when I first started doing these exercises.


  • Run: Speed w/3x1M @ 6:35-40: 8.25M, 8:11 avg.
  • Strength: Runner’s World Workout x 1 + 1×15 Single Leg Squat + 1×25 Leg Raises Against the Wall (as warm-up) + Yoga

It was back to fleece lined tights, double socks and wool base layer for this run. I was really anxious about this workout because I knew that if there was any lingering tightness in my calf that mile repeats could result in a full fledged injury. I promised myself that I would be okay with bagging the workout and running easy if I needed to. Fortunately, there was no tightness at all and I was able to attempt the repeats. Attempt being the key word. The first repeat felt really hard: 6:39. Right on pace, but I knew the next two would be rough since the effort was already way harder than it should be. The second one felt hard in the first 30 seconds and despite being nearly redlined, I still only hit 6:46 (6 seconds off goal pace). I tried every mental trick during this mile. I begged myself to fight for it. I told myself how lucky I was to get to work hard because my body is healthy…something I wasn’t sure about going in. In the end, it just wasn’t there physically. And instead of killing myself on a day when my body wasn’t cooperating, I decided it would be smarter to back off and do the last repeat at tempo pace: 7:11. And even that felt crazy HARD. My body was spent for the cool down and I had to stop twice, walking for a bit the second time. Womp. 

I honestly didn’t feel disappointed in myself for quitting giving up on altering this workout. Partly because I was so giddy that that the calf tightness from earlier in the week was nothing serious. But also because I know that as a runner, these days just happen…even when there is no good explanation. And the best way to handle it is to let it go and move on to the next.

Given my body’s clear communication to me during the run, I decided that I would give it the rest it needs and pass on the yoga class I planned for later in the day.


  • Workout: OFF
  • Strength: None

After Thursday’s mile repeat disaster, it was perfect timing for a complete rest day.


  • Run: 45 min Easy in Central Park: 5.5M, 8:23 avg.
  • Strength: None

Beautiful, sunny run in shorts in Central Park. Jenny and I took the subway up to the park from our hotel then did a couple of miles together. When she turned back, I went on for a full loop of the park (walking the last 0.5 or so). It was WARM, which felt great but after a pre-5 a.m. alarm and being on an airplane, it took my body a couple of miles to loosen up and get going. Once I did, I wanted to keep running and not stop at 45 min!

photo (99)

Reuniting with Jenny after our runs.


Miles: 48.6

Treadmill runs: 0 (Two weeks in a row! Has spring arrived?)

Total Runs on the ‘mill this winter: 12

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4 Responses to Boston Week 11: Toughing it Out

  1. ErinAMG says:

    your NYC weekend sounded AMAZING — what a blast you had to have had! and doing a half as a training run, especially when it’s part of your 20, oh my lordie… that’s tough stuff. file this workout away in the ‘mental fortitude’ department. glad the calf thing seemed to ease up, and HUGE (like, massive enormous) kudos to you for changing course mid-speedwork. that is so, so, so very smart and speaks to your strength and wisdom as a runner. getting stoked for you!!!

  2. ErinAMG says:

    oh, and mile repeats are tough mid-marathon training for sure. FOR. SURE. 🙂

  3. MILF Runner says:

    You are up to all kinds of awesomeness!

  4. glad you are finally getting some good weather 🙂 I won’t lie I hope this LHR keeps working for me because I don’t miss mile repeats!

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